Move on

REMORSELESS, arrogant and unrepentant, Imee Marcos, daughter of dictator Ferdinand Marcos, sneered at the Filipino people, telling them to move on. Adding insult to injury, she chose to deride Filipinos on the day they commemorate the martyrdom Ninoy Aquino, Jr., one of the victims of her father’s corrupt, brutal, and ruthless rule.

The Marcos family, a family of thieves, was in the political wilderness after they were ousted from power by the Filipino people through the EDSA People Power revolt in 1986. But since the day there driven from the country, they have been plotting for their return to power and revise history.

For a while the Marcoses had the Filipino people fooled. When they returned to the country in 1991, they acted humble and contrite. Although Imelda Marcos ran for president in 1992 and lost, most of the time the Marcoses stayed out of the limelight bidding their time.

Learning from that defeat in 1992, Imelda Marcos and her children began clawing their way back to power by capturing local positions in their bailiwicks. Imelda Marcos ran for representative in Leyte and later in Ilocos Norte.  Her children, Bongbong Marcos and Imee Marcos also became Ilocos Norte’s governor and representative and have alternated in both positions.

In 1995, Bongbong Marcos ran for senator, testing the national political water. He lost, placing 16th over-all. As they slowly re-entered the national limelight, the Marcoses side-stepped the issue of their high crimes against the people – corruption, gross abuses and massive violations of human rights and other horrific wrongdoings. They acted behaved, avoiding controversy.

When Cory Aquino died, Bongbong Marcos and Imee Marcos visited her wake at the Manila Cathedral and met with the Aquino siblings. It was a huge public relations coup for the Marcoses, projecting a humble image, appearing sorry for their sins. Even the staunchest critics of the Marcoses thought the gesture was genuine. Many even entertained the thought that the next move of the Marcoses is to publicly apologize for the terrible crimes they committed against the Filipino nation.

Sensing a change, Bongbong Marcos ran for senator again in 2010 and this time he won, placing seventh. Emboldened by his victory, Bongbong Marcos aimed at the vice-presidency in the 2016 elections and nearly won. The result gave the Marcoses the confidence to reveal their true color.

Taking advantage of the fact that the millennial generation was born after 1986 and had no direct experience of the evils of the dictatorship of the Marcos patriarch, the Marcoses started a massive campaign to revise and distort history. Using the social media as platform, paid trolls of the Marcoses are spreading lies and outright falsehoods aimed at deceiving the younger generation and conceal from them truth about Marcos dictatorship.

Now, it is exposed that the Marcoses are unrepentant and remain the arrogant and abusive people they truly are. They roam the country flaunting their stolen wealth and brazenly preaching lies, falsehoods, and deceit. They even had the gall to tell Filipinos to move on and forget the terrible and evil things they inflicted on Filipinos.

One of the blatant lie the Marcoses spread is they are already wealthy when they came to power hence they did not steal from the Filipino people.  If this is true, why did they conceal their wealth if it is legitimate?  Truth is, the Marcoses robbed the Filipino people, and the proof is the numerous cases they face regarding their ill-gotten wealth.

An example is the Swiss account of the Marcoses. In December 1990, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court ruled the $ 356 million of Marcos account is ill-gotten. The Supreme Court of the Philippines in 2003 said that the money is ill gotten and ordered the money (already $ 650 million) be turned over to the Philippine government.

The Supreme Court ruled that from 1965 to 1985 the legal income of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos is only 16 million pesos. The question of the Court is how can 16 million pesos become $ 365 million? The Marcoses admitted that the money in the Swiss account was theirs but they cannot explain how they obtained it. High Court said that “the total amount of the Swiss deposits was considerably out of proportion to the known income of the Marcoses, the presumption that the said dollar deposits were unlawfully acquired was duly established.”

It is easy for Imee Marcos to tell people to move on since her family is the perpetrator of the crime and had benefited from it. But Filipinos will not move on since forgetting the massive theft of people’s money by the Marcoses is rewarding the criminals for their crime.

There is no moving on until the Marcoses are punished for their crimes and justice is done. The call for justice is now more urgent than before since the Marcoses are never sorry for their wickedness. They are even shamelessly covering up their crimes.

Aside from the systematic robbery of national treasury, there are numerous reasons why the Filipinos should not move on from the dark experience of Marcos dictatorial rule. Chief among them is the massive violations of human rights committed by the Marcos dictatorship. The Federal District Court in Hawaii found the Marcoses guilty of human rights violations. The Federal Court ordered the Marcos estate to pay the 10,000 victims who filed the class suit US$2 billion.

Filipinos must not move but instead should exert greater effort to make the Marcoses accountable for their crimes. Only when justice is served (which includes the return of the money the Marcoses had stolen) and the Marcoses showed genuine repentance and remorse can the Filipino people move on from the nightmare of the Marcos dictatorship.

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