Iloilo City sweeps New York, Virginia, Washington D.C.

“Your mindset matters. It affects everything – from the business and investment decisions you make, to the way you raise your children, to your stress levels and overall well-being.” – Peter Diamandis

NEW YORK CITY – The biggest winner in the just concluded private-initiated Iloilo City Trade Mission and Investment Forum Ilonggo Fashion Show and Jewelry Show in the East Coast on June 4-10, 2018 was Iloilo City itself.

Through its “missionaries” led by Mayor Jose Espinosa III in the government and Philippine Council of Management (Philcoman) Research Initiative, Inc. president and project cooordinator, Dr. Emily Noserale Hagad, Iloilo City swept New York City, Virginia, Washington D.C. and their environs by the storm.

It has been proven once again that private and government partnership in trade missions worked wonders to some extent.

The active participation of US-based Ilonggos and their big communities in the East Coast was, in fact, one of the main reasons why the mission became a grand success.




Let’s hear it from some executives who mattered most:

Fraulen Chrubner, Executive Director of LLG Pixar Mayers, Inc.: “They (Iloilo City trade mission panelists) came well-prepared and the discussions were trenchant and easy to decipher especially for serious business globetrotters.”

Vance Hum, President and CEO of I.M. Systems Group: “It was an excellent event. I was impressed by the very informative multi-panel discussion on business possibilities, economic progress and fashion, springing out of Iloilo, Philippines. And the ensuing outdoor fashion show and Philippine fare at the reception topped off the perfect evening weather.”

Hank Hendrickson, US-Philippines Society, executive director: “The presentations and the visual demonstrations of state-of-the-art design from Iloilo illustrate just how far the Philippines has advanced in developing vibrant regional centers beyond the national capital region. The city’s delegation made a persuasive case for Americans to consider the advantages of looking toward Iloilo as a site for investments in technology and business process operations, and for the region’s improved services and high quality of life.”

Segmund JB Hollerman, Senior Executive Progamme Director, Woodland Ricks and Associates: “Iloilo City’s 364-hectare mixed used development reclamation project contained in the brochure has the potential to become a world-class economic development and industrial zone. It’s amazing that they have that detailed conceptual land use plan similar to Singapore and other industrialized investment Meccas in Asia.”




The week-long event that kicked off in New York City and wound up in Washington D.C. event was an economic and cultural diplomacy initiative of the Philippine Embassy, in cooperation with the Local Government of Iloilo City, the US-Philippines Society, and the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Washington D.C.

Aside from Mayor Espinosa and Mrs. Gina Sarabia Espinosa, other heroes of the hectic trade mission who also acted as panelists in the business sessions were Rex Aguado, Commercial Diplomat for Trade Relations of the City; Jose Ariel Castañeda, Head of the City Local Economic Enterprise Office; Jose Roni Peñalosa, City Planning Coordinator; Junel Anne Divinagracia, City Tourism Officer; Dr. Carmencita “Menchie” Robles, Dean at the Western Visayas State University; Carla Perez, Sales Director of the Iloilo Business Park-Megaworld; and Billy Shung Hei Yuen, CEO of StackTreck Enterprises, and Secretariat Chief Florence Hibionada.

A private sector contingent, including the fashion and jewelry designers, led by the first lady of the city, also added luster and prestige to the business and exhibit expeditions.

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