‘I-pepe, i-dede’

ALBERT Einstein, once said, “Two things are infinite:  the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” Mocha Uson has once again provided a verifiable proof to the validity of Einstein’s statement.

Fake news queen Mocha Uson was recently tapped by the administration to lead the campaign to push for public acceptance of Du30’s dream project, federalism. Malacañang has set aside 90 million pesos for the campaign.

Uson lost no time in launching the campaign, ecstatic to be given such key role in promoting federalism. An overly excited Uson opened the federalism offensive with a video that created a national firestorm. The video showed Uson’s partner-in-crime Drew Olivar performing a vulgar dance, touching his breast and stroking his crotch while crying “I-pepe, i-pepe. I-dede, i-dede. I-pepe, pede, pede, pederalismo.” Uson was seen at the side, cheering her friend for the number, goading him to do his thing.

The video sparked outrage. It was not only tasteless, bland, moronic and idiotic. The dance was outright silly. What caused the uproar was the foul language used – pepe is vernacular word for vagina and dede is for breast.

Senators who are no fans of the proposed federal system lambasted Uson for her dull output. Sen. Kiko Pimentel, the only senator actively pushing for federalism can only utter, “Keep Mocha away from federalism.” Before Uson showed her obra-maestra, Pimentel praised her choice as the poster girl of federalism, exclaiming, “Who am I to question such beautiful decision?” He ended up eating his words sooner than later.

“Without Mocha Uson, federalism is already dead and awaiting cremation at the Senate. With Mocha Uson, the ashes should be thrown far, far away from the Philippines’ 7,107 beautiful islands,” Sen. Lacson said. Sen. Francis Escudero on the other hand called the handiwork of Uson “a desperate attempt to attract attention by intentionally offending our sense of propriety.”

Sen. Nancy Binay who is never known for making sensible remarks had this to say about Uson’s masterpiece. “I can’t emphasize enough how important the messenger relays the message. With what we all saw in the video, I think we can all agree that the message and the messenger matter. It is saddening that the seriousness of the discourse has been downgraded to the lowest forms.”

“Filth and lewdness had no place in government,” Sen. Francis Pangilinan blasted Uson’s magnum opus. Sen. Ralp Recto summed up the over-all sentiment of the nation and the collective reaction of Filipinos to the best work so far of Uson. “She’s the perfect endorser for federalism. She symbolizes those in favor of federalism.”

Uson may have sealed the fate of federalism as Sen. Lacson noted, killing it before it could even take off. She accomplished something no opponent of federalism could do, instantly turn-off the public to federalism. What Uson did inflicted more harm to the cause of federalism than any staunch opponent of Du30’s obsessed project can do. In the mind of Uson, she did a splendid job in promoting federalism more likely unaware of the serious damage she wreaked to the cause she is advancing. That is why Einstein considered stupidity infinite. She is even giving herself a pat-in-the back assuming that her dirty antic generated publicity to federalism ignorant that it achieved the exact opposite of what she is trying to accomplish, the tragedy of stupidity.

It is not surprising serious promoters of federalism are mad at Uson. She made life hard and more difficult for them. Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea was angry at what happened. Sen. Pimentel can only grit his teeth in frustration, the case for federalism suffering a major setback from which it may never recover.

The public is already inhospitable to federalism. In the latest Pulse Asia survey, 67 percent of Filipinos are against tampering the Constitution, up by four points from the previous survey. Uson’s nasty and bland video will only stiffen resistance to the shift to federalism by changing the Constitution. It is already an uphill fight for the proponents of federalism, but with “i-pepe, i-dede,” they will face a steeper and sharper climb.

Adding to the woes of the proponents of federalism is the position taken by the economic managers of Du30 on the matter. Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III said that the credit rating of the Philippines “will to go to hell. Everybody pays a higher interest rates” if the country shifts to federalism. He also warned that going federal at this time will derail the ambitious “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure program of Du30.

“So there’s nothing to gain [from federalism], so to speak?” Sen. Recto asked Dominguez.  “From that point of view, yes” was the reply from the finance secretary.

National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) Secretary Ernesto Pernia said the shift to federalism will directly cost the government 120 billion pesos and will cost disruption of government projects. “Maybe our growth momentum will be disrupted also,” Pernia added.

I-pepe, i-dede” and the position of the economic managers of Du30 doom the federalism project of the present administration. Federalism is already a hard sell and every time the administration promotes it, the opponents will only show the dirty and idiotic video of Uson to turn-off people from the project.

Uson’s fatal PR blunder only proved stupidity is harmful and injurious. But going beyond the gaffe of Uson, this could be also the Divine way of deposing the evil design of the present administration. Du30 called God stupid weeks ago. The utilization of Uson’s stupidity could be Heaven’s way of telling Du30, “Who is stupid now?”


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