Freaking out

DU30 is running amok in the past days. His unabashed display of tantrums and incoherent ranting indicate Du30 is freaking out. What is getting on his nerves?

Is it the hot weather or the heat of political campaign? Beyond the weather, the current political climate is sending Du30’s blood pressure to the stratosphere. His family is under siege with recent scandalous revelations that seriously undermine Du30’s political narrative.

A video series is taking the social media by storm. In the videos, an anonymous person in a hoodie calling himself Bikoy is accusing Du30’s family – his children and live-in partner, to be involved in illegal drugs. The Bikoy exposé alleged that drug syndicates gave hundreds of millions of pesos to the Du30 family. The third video pointed Du30’s closest aide Bong Go of allegedly also being into the illegal drugs trade.

The mysterious Bikoy showed documents, bank transactions he claimed to be authenticated bank accounts with the aliases of the members of Du30’s family where the said drugs money was funneled. At this point Bikoy’s accusations remain accusations and Du30’s family can easily dismiss the allegations.

More worrisome to Du30 and his family is the three-part report of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) on the wealth Du30 and his children, Sara and Paolo who are also public officials. Unlike Bikoy, the authors Malou Mangahas and Floreen Simon are respected investigative journalists and are not hiding. PCIJ had investigated the wealth of Philippine presidents, from Cory Aquino to Du30.

Analyzing the statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALNs) of Du30 and his two children, PCIJ found a significant increase in the wealth of the three while they are in office. From 2007 to 2017, Du30’s net worth increased by 195 percent, from Php 9.69 million to Php 28.54 million. Sara’s net worth on the other hand increased from Php 7.25 million in 2007 to Php 44.83 million in 2017, a whooping increase of 518 percent. Net worth of Paolo rose by 233 percent, from Php 8.34 million in 2007 to Php 27.74 million in 20017.

The PCIJ discovered that the law firm Sara and her husband set up in 2008, the “Carpio & Duterte Lawyers” was not registered to the SEC. It also found that the Dutertes had entangled and complex interests in 23 firms and corporate entities and these were not consistently declared in their SALNs.

Under siege, a furious Du30 threw tantrums at the Annual Convention of the Prosecutor’s League of the Philippines. He threatened to declare revolutionary war and suspend the writ of habeas corpus. “Pero pag ako ang pinaabot niyo ng sagad, I will declare a suspension of writ of habeas corpus and I will arrest all of you. Isama ko kayo sa mga kriminal, rebelde, pati dorogista,” he said. (If you push me to my limit, I will declare a suspension of writ of habeas corpus and I will arrest all of you. I will put you together with the criminals, rebels, and drug lords.) “Pahirapan mo ako, I will declare a revolutionary war until the end of my term. Pasensyahan tayo,” he continued. (If you give me a hard time, I will declare a revolutionary war until the end of my term. You’ll have to excuse me.)

At the 25th national convention of the National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines (NFMCP) in Iloilo City, Du30 hoping to score political points announced that he will suspend the implementation of Republic Act 11235 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act. Motorcycle riders angrily condemned the law, which requires them to put larger license plates. Du30 signed the law last March 8, 2019 and now he wants it suspended. Why did he sign the law on the first place? Du30 could have vetoed the bill. 

This incoherence could be explained by the fact that Du30 signs a document without thinking or examining it. This is very worrisome. He may have given away the Philippines to China without knowing it or pretending not to know.

But the most bizarre act of Du30 was his boast that he has a huge and highly equipped penis during a PDP-Laban rally in Palawan. “If God gave me a small penis, I would have cut it in front of the altar,” Du30 bragged. “Son of a b*tch, is this all you have given me?” Recalling his YMCA days, Du30 shared that “My towel, I won’t [wrap it around me]. I will just walk towards them [naked] — they would admire me. [They’d tell me] ‘Son of a b*tch, Duterte, you’re so hard!’”

This is a Freudian slip. People who publicly crow their manly endowment are plagued by insecurity and inferiority complex. The truth is always the opposite. 

The past week was a roller-coaster ride for Filipinos as they witness a Du30 spiraling out of control, freaking out for the world to see as manifested by his peevishness and incoherent action. His cognitive ability is evidently impaired if not damaged.  

Du30’s threat of revolutionary war is empty and could lead to his own political demise. He cannot launch a coup against his own government, overturning the Constitution he has sworn to uphold and defend. Signing a law then proposed to suspend it few weeks later is a mark of an unsound decision-making ability. And the penis braggadocio is a symptom of a much deeper psychological and anatomical problem. 

Or Du30 is just creating a diversion now that he and his family are once again under intense scrutiny especially on the issue of unexplained wealth and alleged involvement in illegal drugs. This could be another “wag the dog” scenario.

The presidential grumpiness, ramblings, ranting, and bad temper are indications of psychological breakdown as well as calculated distractions to cover up the family rot. They also reveal the real pestering disease of the nation – the mental, moral, and emotional fitness of a leader. 

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