Why the Dengvaxia scandal will leave deep wounds regardless of the outcome (Part 2)

By: John Carlo Tria

TRUE enough, many are scared or concerned about vaccinating their children.

Even the RITM’s Capeding, who the GMA report says her three children received the same shots, hopes nothing will happen to the kids. (http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/nation/642253/ritm-expert-admits-receiving-p40k-a-month-for-sanofi-clinical-trials/story/)

However, the “hysteria” being objected to by these doctors cannot be prevented given Sanofi’s withdrawal of the vaccine, and refund of the unused supplies of the same, since it lends credence to the claims that the vaccine itself may be faulty. That it was revealed that the drug may not have been cleared. (https://www.ptvnews.ph/dengvaxia-not-registered-eu-drug-regulator-admits-sanofi-exec/) adds salt to that wound

Moreover, Sanofi’s refusal to indemnify the government for the used vaccines and its insistence on standing by its claims of it being effective makes them look worse.

With this, attempts to suppress the Public Attorney’s investigation on the matter by calling for an end to the autopsies are what fans the “hysteria”. As facts come out the story becomes more compelling.

It leads to more questions than answers and denies the families of the children the closure they seek.

Whatever the outcomes of these investigations may bring, what matters is that first, justice is served. Fears are calmed after the truth is known and those guilty are penalized.

Moving forward, the three truths revealed by these hearings prove to be their deepest wounds:

One, there will be a deep mistrust of vaccinations in general. Already, there are reports of families refusing vaccines for diseases such as measles.

In this light, only Sanofi and the medical establishment can calm their fears on Dengvaxia and for these other diseases where vaccinations will be essential.

Before weighing in on any investigations, Doctors groups must work with the Department of Health to educate the public on vaccines.

Two, that the PNOY government will forever be known for this grave scandal since it cuts across issues of accountability, which they are accused of avoiding, and lead many to think that the 3.5-billion peso rapid allocation for it outside of budget is fishy.

Having Noynoy Aquino speak during congressional hearings heightens the despair over his presidency and raises more doubts about the government’s capability to deliver preventive health services. Should he come out more to calm people’s fears? You tell me.

Third, it will spell the doom of the Liberal Party in the coming elections. The more this is discussed and the harder certain people try to suppress the work to find the truth, the worse it is for the for use by European authorities

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