An assassination plot?

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte left for the Middle East – to Israel and other Arab nations.

He is the first Philippine president to do so. But what is interesting in this trip is another report that he s bringing along the top officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police. This is unusual.

In presidential foreign trips, the frequent officials that tag along were the department heads, business and industry leaders and the diplomats. Why is there new composition of his retinue? The number of people that went along was reported to be 400 but Malacañang denied this which is probably true because the president had even thought of canceling the trip because of its high cost.

During the time of President Ferdinand Marcos, he brought along the wives of top military and police officials. The talk at the time was that they were actually “hostages” to discourage a coup against him. Perhaps the tactic worked because while he was abroad no attempts were made for a military take over.

Anyway, the coup happened while he and the generals were here.

Were the generals now “hostages” to prevent what the president said is a plan by the US Central Intelligence Agency to kill him? The Defense Department said that the idea was probably from the book the president was reading. But conspiracy theorists think otherwise as they see the generals all on board. Taking precautions is the best policy because presidents are always targets, the reason we have a presidential security guards and even the best guarded gets killed.

* * *

There is a group calling on President Duterte to declare a revolutionary government and abolish the Comelec. Why would he do that? He was constitutionally elected; he has no reason to declare a revolutionary government. He took an oath under the Constitution and he seems secure enough. Is it possible those who are calling for this move are the unelectable that could be appointed under their proposed extra constitutional government as President Corazon Aquino did?

Why would Duterte create a problem, a crisis in fact, when he does not have to? Are the galloping prices of commodities, including the disappearance of subsidized rice not enough for a problem?

* * *

The Bacolod City Water District is in a bind. If it continued to refuse to pay the
Bacolod Bulk Water Corporation for the water that the corporation had been pumping into Baciwa’s pipe, BB plans to stop giving water. That will practically cut a huge volume to the city residents. Baciwa admits the water supply for the city would be in critical level.

We had warned of a crisis in the event BB cuts the supply, but the Bacolod City government appears unable to help despite its “closeness” to the water company. Will they wait until the whole thing explodes and citizens will be going to other towns and cities to get water or get their clothes washed?

Is the city government paralyzed or it is afraid that something more malodorous will envelop the city officials if some deals were exposed?

By the way, once water in the city gets scarce, where will the new huge buildings get their supply? Dig wells perhaps and deplete the city’s aquifers? Once the aquifers or underground water are exhausted, sea water will fill them in and then we will have more problems.

Do you wonder why the city government is not concerned when citizens are shouting and cursing each day (mostly at night and dawn) for water? Some citizens are right – time to change the city leadership. They had been there too long they must have run out of ideas and options, or afraid of the options. Or maybe, too rich and too secure and smug to

bother with the “cry of the poor” that the Bible says reaches to the heavens?

Or maybe there is truth to the report that one city official pointedly asked a businessman – pila akon da?

* * *

Do you wonder why until now the political giants in Negros cannot agree on a common candidate? Well, that is good for voters otherwise we will only confirm provincial officials. Where’s the beauty of the election in that?

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