‘They were paid to kill my brother’

‘They were paid to kill my brother’


By: Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – The sister of the inmate who was stabbed dead by two fellow inmates claimed that the suspects were paid to kill her brother.

Marybeth Montales, who was at the governor’s office July 8, 2011 to seek the help of Governor Alfredo Marañon, lamented that the provincial jail warden did not do anything to secure her brother despite being informed of the threats on his life.

This, as Valladolid mayor Rommel Yogore also filed a letter complaint to the Office of the Governor seeking the suspension of Provincial Jail Warden Dionisio Silva and jail guard Nelson Mabus for negligence.

Irish Enrile, 28, who was facing homicide charges, was allegedly stabbed to death inside the provincial jail by suspects Mario Aburido and Rolando Ramos.

The sister said both suspects were hired by a certain Arlie Bacia, who was stabbed by Enrile.

Bacia is a close relative of Mabus, according to Montales.


Montales told reporters she went to the new district jail where the two suspects were transferred and claimed that they two admitted to her that they were both paid P10,000 for Enrile’s head.

She stressed that before the slaying she called the attention of Silva on the threats on the life of her brother but the warden did nothing.

She cited an instance when her brother was transferred to Cell 13 which is exclusively for inmates who committed offenses inside the jail.

She said her brother told her that he was transferred to Cell 13 on orders of Mabus despite the fact that he committed no offense.

“We just want justice for my brother,” Montales who was in tears eyed told reporters here.

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