Overpass completed by August


Overpass completed by August

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – Vice Mayor Thaddeus Sayson here said that the Department of Public Works and Highways has informed his office that the first overpass in the city will be completed by August.

Once done and operational, the city government will shift its focus on the construction of the north terminal which, reports say, has negative slippage.

The north terminal is being undertaken by contractor Crispin Chua on the right side of the road going to the northern part of the province.

Sayson stressed the north terminal is a public-private partnership project and the city government has no financial obligation whatsoever.

With the north terminal construction, Vallacar transit which operates Ceres buses has constructed a makeshift terminal for its buses in an area near it.

“While we may want to cancel it or have it operational, we cannot do that because of the overpass,” Sayson told reporters.


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