‘Our medicines are not fake’

‘Our medicines are not fake’

By: Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – The general manager of the Sincere Drug Store raided recently by the UNILAB with assistance from the National Bureau of Investigation asserts that their medicines are not fake.

Ricky Enriquez said the medicines seized from his bodega came from the Negros Grand Ventures Industries, Inc., sole distributor of UNILAB in Negros.

In a press conference yesterday morning, Enriquez presented documents related to the case.

Enriquez also revealed that he is mulling the filing of charges against UNILAB and those behind the raid including the NBI, lamenting that the raid was traumatic for him and his family especially his children as they were supposed to celebrate the birthday of his eldest child June 19. The raid was conducted June 16.

He said there was no advisory from UNILAB that there are fake medicines circulating in the city, but the firm proceeded to accuse him manufacturing fake drugs without presenting a single equipment or evidence to prove its claim.


Enriquez wondered why Grand Ventures Industries seems to be ignoring his letter regarding the raid and as to the quality of medicines it delivers to him.

In the letter, he claimed that the seized medicines “were periodically purchased from you as the sole distributor and exclusive distributor of UNILAB and covered by your sales invoices, amounting to P1.1 million more or less”.

“In effect, UNILAB caused the said raid and seizure of its own products and medicines legitimately sourced from you as its exclusive and sole distributor,” Enriquez said.

He stressed that “the damage done to me and to our business is incalculable, the raid and its ensuing publicity practically destroyed our reputation with the general consuming public avoiding us on the false impression that the medicines we carry and sell are fake,” Enriquez said.

He pointed out that “the raid and seizure of UNILAB products and medicines at our premises cast serious doubts on your being the sole and exclusive distributor of UNILAB products and medicines.”

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