Kin of drug suspect accuse cops of set-up

Kin of drug suspect

accuse cops of set-up

FRAMED UP? Eduardo Bongco Jr, (2nd from left), elder brother of arrested suspected drug lord Angelo Bongco, claims his brother was set up.

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – The elder brother and the father of an alleged big time drug lord arrested recently by police operatives claimed that their kin was a victim of a set –up.

Eduardo Bongco Jr., elder brother of Angelo Bongco and their father, Eduardo Bongco Sr. together with Atty. Boyet Maghari and Atty. Reynaldo Depasucat held a press conference at the Negros Press Club July 6, 2011 to give their side on the issue.

Angelo Bongco was arrested by police operatives recently for alleged possession of 717 tablets of ecstasy worth more than P1 million. Police said the arrest and recovery were a result of a buy-bust operation at the parking lot of the Palmas del Mar seaside resort here.

But Eduardo Jr. denied that his younger brother is a “big time drug pusher” lamenting what he claimed as one sided media reports on his brother.


He said they did not come out to air their side immediately because they were in shock.

But they do not hold grudges against anybody in the media or against the police authorities as “everyone is just doing their job.”

He said his brother has already submitted his counter affidavit to the court, denying the allegations of the police authorities. He accused principal witnesses PSI Joemarie Occena and PO3 Leo Anthony Genita of lying.

In his affidavit, Bongco cited contradictions in the affidavit issued by the two police officers.

In Occeno’s affidavit, he said he handed the marked money to Bongco while Genita, in his own affidavit, claimed that Occeno handed a light green paper bag supposedly containing the marked money.

Bongco, in his defense, asked the prosecutor to order a fingerprinting examination of the light green paper bag “to know the truth”.

Bongco said he was at Palmas del Mar with an acquaintance, a certain Roshi Garces, for a couple of drinks when the incident happened.

He denied that the seized ecstasy tablets were his.

Garces was not mentioned in the separate affidavits of Occeno and Genito.

Eduardo aired an appeal to Garces to come out and shed light on what happened to his brother as he was the companion of his brother when the alleged buy-bust operation took place.

He declined to comment when asked that Garces may have been the one who set up his brother with the authorities.

Bongco accused the apprehending police officers of beating him up and planting ecstasy tablets inside his car.

He also accused the police of illegal detention as he was held for more than 36 hours which is beyond the time fixed by law in Art. 125 of the Revised Penal Code.

Eduardo and his brother claim they live in a house they rent for P5,000. Both have two vehicles with loans in the bank and have zero criminal record.

“Is the above the lifestyle of an alleged nationwide, big-time drug lord?” he asked.


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