Bamboos are more than just trees of life

ISABELA, Negros Occ. – More or less 35 stakeholders  and micro entrepreneurs  here attended a two-day  bamboo propagation and management training held at the Liga Hall on Feb. 14-15, 2017.

Marjorie Cajeven of the University of the Philippines-Visayas expounded on the potentials of bamboo and the alternative livelihood it can offer to the locals.

Cajeven said that the bamboo, also known as the tree of life, has multiple use not just for toothpicks, matches or fences.

With the use of modern technogy, bamboo can be used to make furnitures and in interior designing.

The 2-day training seminar  is a  project of the Department of Trade and Industry using  the bottom-up budgeting (BUB) scheme.

Through the scheme  the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is providing funds that municipal governments  can use in priming up local industries and help small entrepreneurs become competitive.

BUB, also called participatory budgeting, is a  modern approach to planning in the use of government’s financial resources that is different from the usual top-down budgeting where the high level executives make all the decisions in fund dispensations.

This scheme provides the opportunity for prospective beneficiaries to be involved in setting their own goals and expectations for a given financial period.

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