‘WAKEUP CALL’: City College might lose CHED accreditation over controversies

STUDENTS and faculty members of the Iloilo City Community College join a recent earthquake drill. (Photo from ICCC Facebook account)

THE Commission on Higher Education might withdraw the Iloilo City Community College’s (ICCC) accreditation following alleged controversies of mismanagement.

In an interview with The Daily Guardian on Air on August 18, 2018, City Councilor Joshua Alim said ICCC’s failure to comply with the requirements of CHED might result in the removal of its accreditation.

“I’m afraid we (the school) could no longer comply and get the authority from CHED. That is why this is now a wakeup call to the administration,” Alim said.

Recently, four teachers lodged complaints with Alim’s office claiming that the school allegedly uses obsolete books, does not implement proper pay for teaches, and promotes unqualified teachers.

According to Alim, these complaints might affect the quality of education and graduates will find it hard to find a job if their college lacks CHED accreditation.

The City Council will conduct an investigation on these complaints on August 20, 2018.

The committee hearing will be spearheaded by Vice Mayor Jeffrey Ganzon. Also invited are ICCC Administrator Maria Mathilde Treñas-Octavio, Supervising Administrative Officer Jose Renan Escoto, the members of the ICC board of trustees, the four complainants, and a representative from CHED.

Octavio cannot be reached for comment because she is out of the country.

The alleged corruption at the ICCC exposed by Councilor Plaridel Nava during their regular session on August 14 will also be tackled in the investigation.

Meanwhile, Alim warned individuals who threatened and harassed the complainants as he might file cyber libel cases against them.

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