Tsinoy bizman cries extortion

October 26, 2016 12:57 AM

By: Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – A Bacolod Filipino-Chinese businessman claimed that an extortion syndicate might be behind the threatening text messages he has been receiving lately.

In a press conference Oct. 25, 2016, Crispin Chua said has been receiving the texts messages since Oct. 20.

The businessman said he already filed a complaint with Police Station 8 against the sender.

The first message he received from cellphone number 09206194795 informed him that ex-military guys-turned-assassins from Panay will kill him.

A certain Mark Anthony Aguilos also sent Chua another text message using a different cellphone number 09984559274 telling him to send P20,000 via money transfer in order to spare his life.

Chua also provided the media copies of the different text messages sent to him using different mobile numbers.

One of the text message claimed that the alleged hit men are following his movements.

Another message said that a certain Senior Supt. Buenaventura paid Chua’s would-be assassins P300,000.

The sender also claimed that the alleged retired police officer is a friend of a certain Rex Noble, another retired cop.

Chua said he came out to warn the public that a syndicate is now victimizing not only local businessmen but also ordinary employees.

“I initially ignored it. The latest text I received said that he is now condoling with me in advance and I already have a coffin at Alisbo Memorial Chapels. I already got information that a marketing officer was also victimized by the same modus operandi but this time they called her and another one told me that she was also called upon claiming they were members of the Kuratong Baleleng,” he added.

Chua also provided the media five cellphone numbers being used by the suspects – 09984559274, 09206227648,09206194795, 09174962977 and 09127006396.

Chua said he was informed by the anti-crime group headed by Teresita Ang-See that they also received reports of a group using the same modus.

“They have traced it to Davao del Sur,” he said, adding that the syndicate is targeting rich people.

“I am calling on all those who were also victimized to come out and be not afraid so we will know who they are,” Chua said.

The businessman said he already has a suspect “based here in Bacolod.”

Chua said that some police officers know him and “this is his modus.”

“My next step is to coordinate this other anti-crime groups.”


Manny Villaera, acting national deputy for administration and operations of the Task Force Crusaders who was also at the press conference, said their group will Chua in tracking down the suspects.

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