TMTRO closes roads for Jaro Fiesta today

THE Transportation Management and Traffic Regulation Office (TMTRO) closed some major streets in Jaro, Iloilo City.

TMTRO road closures and traffic rerouting are in line with the celebration of the feast of Our Lady of Candles, which image is enshrined at the historic Jaro Cathedral, today, Feb. 2, 2017.

Robert Bob Foerster, TMTRO officer-in-charge, said the Candelaria Procession shall start in front of Jaro Cathedral at 4 p.m., and will pass through E. Lopez St., turn left to M. Jayme St., turn left to Commission Civil St. to Lopez Jaena St., turn left to Fajardo St., turn left to Libertad St. back to Rizal/Jaro Cathedral.

Per TMTRO advisory, the following streets are closed to all types of vehicles:

-From corner Benedicto St. to Commission Civil/Rizal St. (M. Jayme, Lincoln, Scott and Smith)

-From corner Sta. Isabel/Democracia St. to Lopez Jaena

-From corner Simon Ledesma/ Democracia St. to Lopez Jaena

-From corner IBC/Ma. Cristina going to Lopez Jaena

-From corner N. Villa/Ma. Cristina to Lopez Jaena

-From corner Lopez Jaena/Sto. Domingo St. to Rizal/Jaro Plaza

-From corner Arguelles/Arguelles Extension to Fajardo St.

-From corner Fajardo/Cuartero to Lopez Jaena.

-From corner Sta. Isabel/Cuartero to Lopez Jaena

-From corner Villalobos/B. Aquino to Cuartero St.

-From corner Rimas/B. Aquino to Cuartero St.

-From corner El 98 / B. Aquino to Rizal/Jaro Plaza

-From corner Burgos/Castilla to Rizal /Jaro Plaza

-From corner Jalandoni / E. Lopez to Jaro Plaza.

-From corner E. Lopez / Javellana to Rizal / Jaro Plaza.

-From corner Commission Civil / M. Jayme to Rizal / Jaro Plaza.

Streets with one lane closed to traffic are:

-Cuartero (From corner Bgy. Dungon A road up to El 98 St.)

-Benedicto (From corner M. Jayme St. towards Washington St.)

-Ma. Cristina (From Simon Ledesma towards Sto. Domingo

-El 98 (From corner Cuartero to B. Aquino).

“All private vehicles are allowed to enter Jaro and Lapaz areas except on streets where the Parade is being held and on street declared closed to all types of vehicles,” said Foerster.

Private vehicles coming from Mandurriao area shall pass Jalandoni St., E. Lopez/ Comm. Civil to go to Jaro or Lapaz.

Private vehicles coming from the direction of Tabuc Suba / McArthur Drive in going to Mandurriao or Lapaz Area shall pass Simon Ledesma, turn right to Ma. Cristina, turn left to Sto. Domingo towards Arguelles St./ Arguelles Extension turn left to Cuartero St. turn right to Villalobos St. towards B. Aquino to the direction of Mandurriao or proceed to Jalandoni/E. Lopez/ Comm. Civil going to Lapaz.

The following streets are closed to Public Utility Jeepney (PUJ) during the parade:

-Lopez Jaena

-Arguelles Extension

-Jalandoni St.

-McArthur Drive

PUJs passing through Jaro streets will be rerouted.

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