Teener yields; points to five others in Indian’s rob-slay

A 17-YEAR-OLD boy voluntarily surrendered and admitted to killing an Indian national on the night of Aug. 7, 2018 in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo.

Bong (real name withheld) turned himself to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)-Region 6.

As he admitted his participation in the death of 31-year-old Harvender Singh, the suspect said five other persons were involved.

He pointed to a certain Angel Simpas, also a resident of Sta. Barbara, as the mastermind.

The teenage suspect also identified a certain Calvin, 17, John Albert, alias Kalbo, and a woman as their cohorts.

“Angel Simpas told us to rob and kill the Indian national,” Bong told Bombo Radyo-Iloilo in Hiligaynon.

Simpas is believed to be a homosexual and the victim’s lover. They hatched the plan about a week ago.

Bong said that Simpas hated the victim but he did not know why.

On the evening Singh was killed, the suspects met at a store in Sta. Barbara town. A closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera caught the meeting.

Simpas told them that he would bring Singh to Barangay Lupa to carry out their plan.

Kalbo drove the motorcycle and brought them to the irrigation road ahead of Singh.

The victim later arrived on board his motorcycle with Simpas as his backrider.

“I saw them kissing each other on the lips,” Bong said.

The two eventually got intimate on the roadside.

After the intimate moment, Simpas sent a signal using his phone.

“We got the signal after he turned on his mobile phone,” Bong added.

Bong, Calvin, and John Albert then proceed to Singh and Simpas. The woman and Kalbo served as lookouts.

Bong and John Albert took turns kicking the victim while Simpas watched their backs.

Calvin allegedly stabbed the Indian national while Simpas kept his silence in the middle of the attack.

Singh was not able to cry for help as the first stab fatally hit him.

The suspects left the area and even used Singh’s motorcycle as their getaway vehicle.

Police later recovered Singh’s motorcycle at Barangay Cabagao.

Singh suffered slash wounds on his neck and stab wounds on his back and nape when found around 9:15 p.m. Tuesday by a barangay kagawad and several tanod (watchmen) patrolling the area.

Senior Inspector Jose Rey Pabalan, Sta. Barbara police chief, said they would file charges for robbery with homicide against at least three suspects.

Singh was a loan shark who used to live in Gran Plains Subdivision in Jaro, Iloilo City.

But he later rented an apartment in Lupa village as his money lending business covered the towns of Sta. Barbara, Maasin, and Cabatuan.

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