STRICTER ANTI-SMOKING LAW: Reeking with smoke? Don’t ride the elevator

PERSONS reeking with cigarette smoke will soon be banned from riding elevators, particularly at the City Hall.

Iloilo City Anti-Smoking Task Force (ICAST) executive director Iñigo Garingalao said he wants amendments to the Iloilo City Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance that will prohibit persons who had just puffed cigarettes from riding elevators.

“It was not part of the ordinance nga kun ang baho lang ang basehan pwede siya dakpon. The City Council could incorporate in the amendment that those who just finished smoking cannot ride the elevator,” he said.

Garingalao said third hand smoke also imposes health risks to non-smokers. Third hand smoke (THS) is a term used to describe the residual contamination from tobacco smoke.

“It could also be a house rule at the City Hall that if you want to smoke, you can just take the stairs,” he added.

City Councilor Joshua Alim, author of the ordinance, welcomes the proposal.

Instead of the ban, Alim said smokers could decontaminate for several minutes before they ride the elevator.

“We will not really ban them but maybe they could ride the elevator after the smell of cigarettes has subsided. So we will consider that,” he said.

In Ikoma City, Japan, the city government requires smokers to undergo a 45-minute decontamination period after they smoke before entering elevators.

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