Police destroy explosives, ammunitions

DISPOSAL OF EXPLOSIVES Chief Superintendent John Bulalacao (right), Western Visayas police chief, inspects the explosives and ammunition that were detonated on Sept. 1, 2018, at the 603rd Mobile Force Company headquarters in Barangay Guadalupe, Janiuay, Iloilo. The explosives were surrendered to the Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) as part of the “May Kwarta sa Granada” project. (PRO-6 photo)

SCORES of explosives and ammunitions were detonated in Janiuay, Iloilo, morning of Sept 1, 2018.

Members of the PNP Explosives Ordinance Division (EOD) led the disposal of the explosives at the headquarters of the 602nd Mobile Force Company in Guadalupe village.

Chief Superintendent John Bulalacao, Western Visayas police chief, witnessed the detonation of 42 rifle grenades; 23 rounds of caliber 40mm M203 ammunition; 18 MK2 fragmentation grenades; and 10 rounds of 60mm mortar ammunition.

Also destroyed were a 2.5-inch folding fin rocket; an 81mm white phosphorus mortar ammunition; an anti-aircraft projectile; an unidentified projectile; and two rounds of 81mm high-explosive mortar ammunition.

The police EOD team also disposed 17 rounds of caliber .50 ammunition; a caliber .50 anti-aircraft ammunition; a type 89 knee mortar ammunition; an M26 fragmentation grenade; an MK3 fragmentation grenade; an improvised smoke grenade; and an MK1 36mm rocket illumination.

The explosives were placed inside a 5-foot deep hole to reduce the impact of explosion.

The EOD operatives attached a detonating chord, blasting cap, and C-4 explosive on the pile to trigger the explosion.

These explosives were surrendered under the Iloilo City Mobile Force Company’s G1 Project “May Kwarta sa Granada.”

The Iloilo City Police Office-Police Strategy Management Unit through the Iloilo City Advisory Council for Police Transformation and Development conceptualized the project.

It commenced on Dec 27, 2017 and was formally launched on Jan 16, 2018.

Under the program, any individual who could discover a grenade in the backyard, old house, or any place in Iloilo City will have to report it to the operatives to receive the P1,000 cash incentive.

Initially, a P50,000 seed money for the reward was contributed by stakeholders, the Iloilo City Advisory Council,  and other concerned citizens.

The project was initiated after construction workers or residents accidentally stumbled upon hidden explosive while digging in their backyards.

The program aimed to encourage people to report to the police if ever they find explosives so that trained EOD personnel can properly dispose the items.

“It is a good initiative knowing how dangerous an explosive is,” Bulalacao said.

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