ON HIGH INFLATION RATE: Minimize rice wastage, public told

AS THE country’s inflation rate surges to 6.4 percent, the National Nutrition Council (NNC)-6 advised the public to minimize rice wastage.

NNC-6 regional nutrition program coordinator Nona Tad-y said rice wastage normally occurs from production, distribution, up to consumption.

Tad-y added that based on several studies by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) and the Department of Agriculture (DA), wastage commonly occurs in the households.

“So it is important that we instill in the minds of children that every grain of rice is essential,” she said.

Higher inflation rate is expected to have ripple effects on prices of rice. Tad-y said that in every increase of prices, there is a corresponding decrease in food consumption, which affects nutrition.

To counter the spike in prices of basic commodities, she offered alternative sources of carbohydrates.

Root crops such as sweet potato could be a good substitute to rice, she said.

“NNC is promoting the planting of root crops. In the absence of rice, they can form part of our diet,” she said.

But she recognized the low appreciation of root crops due to lack of awareness of its nutrition content.

The council further promotes backyard gardening of fruits and vegetables so families need not to buy these agriculture products in the market. For those who lack the space, vertical or urban gardening is another option.

“There is always a season of the year where we lack food for the family. But this should not be a reason for households to go hungry,” she said.

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