No overlapping of duties with SK, youth office head says

(left) City Councilor Leila Luntao & (right) Local Youth and Development Office chairman Jason Gregorio

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo

ILOILO City Local Youth and Development Office chairman Jason Gregorio debunked claims that his office overlaps with the duties the head of the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federation.

According to Gregorio, he communicates with SK Federation president and City Councilor Leila Luntao regarding the projects that they undertake.

Sa madumduman ko, wala man kami sang may ginhimo nga mga actions nga ginalapawan namon or gin-overlap ang functions ni Luntao as SK President. In fact, open ang communication namon sa isa kag isa. She can attest to that because siya mismo nakabalo kon ano ang communication kag relationship sang LYDO and SK diri sa siyudad sang Iloilo,” Gregorio said.

Gregorio also denied accusations that their office is disrespecting the authority of Luntao as SK Federation head.

“With regards sa accusation nga ginadisrespect naton ang SK, daw wala ko sang madumduman nga tinion nga gindisrespect namon si Councilor Luntao. Bilang isa sa mga bag-uhon nga member, and isa sa mga  bag-o nga opisina diri sa city government, naga hatag gid kita respeto sa tanan naton na mga kaupdanan sa city government especially mga elected officials,” he added.

Aside from assisting SK officials through trainings, the LYDO, as a Standard Executive Department, is mandated to implement the directives of the mayor, the DILG (Department of Interior and Local Government) and other offices and the law, according to Gregorio.

Ginbutang dira ang LYDO to assist, help, guide our SK officials. Aside sa SK nga gapadalagan sang youth governance, ara man LYDO and kami more on providing assistance sa SK in terms of trainings. because under the law we are mandated to provide mandatory and continuing trainings sa mga  SK naton,” he said.

Gregorio explained that there is no superior authority between the two offices since both were created under the SK Reform Law.

“Ang amon opisina and iya opisina, are the same. It just happened na elected official si Luntao, but nevertheless parareho lang na because we were both created under SK Reform Law” he said.

He added that while Luntao’s primary duty is creating laws geared towards the betterment of the federation, the LYDO is in charge of the implementation of the ordinances.

“Councilor Luntao’s primary duty is to create laws. Once mapasar na ni Councilor Luntao ang mga ordinansa, it is our duty to implement once may ordinansa siya nga ipass,” he said.

But Gregorio admitted that not all the initiatives of his office were coordinated with the SK and the same also follows in the case of the SK Federation office.

“Gina-acknowledge naton na may separation ang legislative and executive. Not all na mga intitiatives gina coordinate sang LYDO sa SK and same man sa ila, hindi tanan nga initiatives nila ginacoordinate man nila sa amon” he said.

But Gregorio emphasized that there is no conflict between the two offices.

Kon may mga initiatives man siya nga gusto i-implement involving LYDO, macooperate gid kami pero if may mga programs nga hndi niya gusto i-involve ang LYDO, okay man na sa amon. May mga initiative man kami ya directly from mayor na we don’t need to inform the SK,” he said.



Meanwhile, Gregorio expressed frustration on the zero-budget recommendation of Councilor Plaridel Nava for the LYDO.

Ginakasubo gid naton ang rekomendasyon ni Councilor Nava nga hatagan zero budget ang LYDO next year,” he lamented.

In an interview on December 3, 2018, Nava said that he would recommend zero budget for the Local Youth and Development and City Legal Offices in his report on the 2019 Executive Budget.

According to Nava, aside from overlapping with the duties of Luntao, LYDO is also disrespecting the authority of the SK president.

Gina-overlap ya ang obra sang SK kag daw wala sila garespeto kay chairman Luntao. We will give them zero budget to give them a message that Luntao deserves to be recognized as SK chairman,” he emphasized.


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