NBI insists on airtight case vs Silawan’s ex-boyfriend

Photo Courtesy: Antonio Antogop Jr / FB user

DESPITE the confession of a 42-year old who allegedly killed Christine Lee Silawan in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu last month, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) stood pat that they have an airtight case against a different suspect.

NBI Director Dante Gierran said they have circumstantial and scientific evidences that could pin down CJ, the 16-year-old ex-boyfriend of Silawan.

Renato Llenes admitted to killing Silawan after his arrest in an anti-narcotics operation on April 9.

Despite owning up to the crime, the NBI stood pat that Silawan’s ex-boyfriend killed the teenager.

“With respect to CJ, solved na ‘yan but we don’t discount the possibility that there could be other subjects or persons of interests,” Gierran said during his visit to Iloilo on April 16, 2019.

When asked if it could weaken the case since the NBI and PNP have different suspects, “I see no problem with that, there could be other suspects,” he said.

Gierran said that they have more than just a mere confession.

“We have evidences, kasi if mere confession, pagdating sa Korte, kapag may magaling na abogado, babaliktad yan,” he said.

Gieran added, “pero ‘yung sa amin, the evidences were gathered not only on the basis of testimonies.” 

The NBI chief said they have testimonies of persons closed to CJ insisting that they were seen together on the afternoon that she was last seen alive.

“CJ fetched her from the church going to the corner. It was captured by the CCTV. They then turned left to the crime scene,” he said.

Gierran said that also obtained digital evidence with respect to the chat messages between Silawan and CJ that they are going to meet on the same day.

Under the rules, only more than one circumstantial evidence would suffice, he said.

They also scored scientific evidence to back claims that CJ has allegedly something to do with the crime.

Gierran said they have obtained the boy’s bloodstained shoe.

The blood allegedly matches the DNA sample taken from Silawan’s parents,

“How can you disprove scientific evidence?” Gierran said.

Even earlier, the NBI-Central Visayas said it would continue to press charges against CJ despite Allene’s’ confession.

With Llenes’ confession, CJ’s camp has moved for the dismissal of the case against the teenager.

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