LEEO welcomes audit of books

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo

LOCAL Economic Enterprise Office (LEEO) head Jose Ariel Castañeda assured that their office is open to the City Council’s plan of auditing their accounts and the financial analysis of public markets and the slaughterhouse.

“It’s a normal thing, maayo na gani para mapakita naton sa mga pumuluyo. Kung amo na ila intention gina-welcome gid naton kag gina saligan naton nga ini maging paagi  para nga finally klaro na gid na may plano kag development direction from the city government especially from City Council,” Castañeda said.

The Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP), during its regular session on Sept 11, 2018, passed a resolution requesting the Internal Audit Service Office (IASO) to audit the LEEO books to determine its financial status.

Based on the resolution, there is a need for proper audit and analysis “for the City Council to be appraised with the true financial status of the markets as well as the slaughterhouse considering that the LEEO should be run like a private business.”

The audit will also help the SP as well as the mayor in formulating solutions and future directions of the LEEO.

According to Councilor R Leone Gerochi, the aim of the audit aside from looking at the financial status is to find out the problems in order for the LEEO office to be efficient.

“It would be the first time nga ma-audit with analysis. Lantawon ta kung pila ginagastos na expenses, capital/operational expenses para mkita ang financial standing. Pangayuan ta sang financial analysis kay basi ang reason nga hindi siya magprofit is overspending siya sa expenses. Maybe we are spending too much on this matter,” Councilor R Leone Gerochi said.

Gerochi emphasized that the LEEO should be profitable.

Ang objective sang LEEO is to make profits. Kung sundon ta gid ang law I think we should aim for profits. Ang law naga-mandate nga kung mkita sang LEEO na hindi siya profitable it has to be reverted back to the general funds and kung i-privatize or ma-change into another form and possibly damo madulaan ubra,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Castañeda revealed that there were no available yearly reports on the financial status of LEEO when he presumed office.

“Unfortunately wala sang may na-endorse nga records sa akon. Ang mga gina-basehan lang naton sang records is ang ara sa COA. Since wala records pagsulod naton nag-establish ta internal control systems para ma-monitor ang collection so may ara kita daily monitoring and remittance including holidays and Sundays,” he said.

Despite that, he assured that all their financial records are properly recorded on the City Treasurer’s book of accounts.

Wala ta sang may ginatago. After ta naka-establish sang internal control systems and control mechanisms naka-surplus na kita buot silingon ma-sustain na naton ang aton operations kung sa diin gin-buhin sa utang naton sa general fund and ang iban gin allocate naton para sa pag pakay-o sa equipment sa slaughterhouse,” Castañeda noted.


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