LEAVE US ALONE ALREADY: Mabilog’s wife rants at Duterte over new narco-list

FORMER Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog (left) with wife Marivic. (Photo from Marivic Mabilog’s Facebook account)

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo

THE wife of former Iloilo City mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog shot back at President Rodrigo Duterte when the latter again tagged her husband in the illegal drug trade on March 15, 2019.

President Duterte on Thursday read the name of 45 officials allegedly involved in illegal drugs during the National Peace and Order Council Meeting in Davao City.

And once again, he called out former mayor Mabilog and even questioned why he was able to slip out of the country.

The President even questioned the US Embassy in the Philippines for allowing Mabilog to leave the country and travel to US despite being included in the 2016 narco list.

“I’d like to inform the US embassy, I thought I gave you a list noon. Kung nakalusot itong mayor na ito, I’d like to ask the embassy bakit ninyo nabigyan ng… naghingi kayo ng listahan, binigay ko sa ambassador niyo so that Filipino addicts who’d go there only to destroy your country will be denied visas. I think I remember I gave you a copy and the name of this mayor, because he’s a fame whore, was there definitely. Now I’m asking bakit nandyan sa America if indeed he is in America,” Duterte said.

Mabilog was dismissed from office in 2017 for alleged unexplained wealth. He left the country following alleged threats on his life after Duterte linked him to the drug trade.

In her Facebook post, the beleaguered former mayor’s wife, Ma. Victoria “Marivic” Mabilog, slammed the President for running after them.

Marivic particularly cited the time where her husband and Duterte was both mayors from 2010-2016, and Davao City (the president’s home place) had the worst record in illegal drugs.

“Pareho silang Mayor. Si Jed, sa Iloilo City, Si Digong, sa Davao. While Jed was working hard for the eradication of the drug menace and getting results, Digong was hardly working in Davao. While Iloilo was cited as the third least drug infected city, Davao had one of the worst records in drug trade and use in the country,” she said.

She also questioned the validity of Duterte’s narco-list.

“If your latest narco-list is truly validated, why don’t you furnish the media the validated list and the sources of your data, properly validated by the reporting agencies?” she said.

According to Marivic, Duterte was unable to file drug-related cases against her husband because “he had been resorting to lies and fabrication.”

“You never brought any drug-related case against Jed because you have nothing on him. Despite having the full control and disposal of intelligence funds and resources, you came up empty against Jed. Nada. Zero. Zilch. You resorted to lies and fabrication which your own agencies have consistently rebutted. You think by continually shaming him and lying about him you will do him damage. But Jed’s shield and armour are the truths you refuse to acknowledge. The harder you hit the truth, the more sparkling and stronger it becomes,” reads part of her post.

Marivic’s post concluded with the statement, “leave us alone already”.

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