Irate man kills dozing relatives

A WOMAN and her brother-in-law were killed while asleep early morning of Sept 2, 2018 in Culasi, Antique.

The victims, Rita Fe Bello, 36, and Rium Bello, 40, were found dead inside their house at Balac-Balac village.

Rium Bello is the brother of Rita Fe Bello’s husband.

Inspector Clark Philip Dinco, Culasi police chief, said Ricardo Bello, Rium’s cousin who worked as helper for the family, attacked the victims.

Ricardo was reportedly in charge of bringing and fetching Rita Fe’s two children to school.

Rita Fe’s neck was severely slashed apart from stab wounds on different parts of her body.

Rium, who was sleeping in a quarter near the pigpen, sustained injuries on the head after Ricardo struck him with a rock.

According to reports, the Ricardo and Rium drank liquor prior to the incident.

Rium later ordered Ricardo to buy more liquor but the latter did not heed his instruction and went to sleep.

This irked the victim who then physically assaulted the suspect.

Ricardo did not fight back, based on reports.

Instead, he allegedly vented his anger while the two victims were sleeping.

The suspect did not hurt Rita Fe’s daughters. An elderly woman inside the house was also unscathed.

Ricardo immediately fled.

Village officials saw him running away while shouting he would not surrender. He claimed he would rather commit suicide than yielding to authorities.

Dinco said they immediately conducted a hot pursuit operation.

On Sunday, the suspect voluntarily surrendered upon the prodding of his relatives.

Ricardo claimed he had enough of Rium who physically battered him in several instances.

He allegedly harbored ill feelings towards Rita Fe for scolding him in some occasions.

An inquest case for two counts of murder was filed against the suspect on Sept 3, 2018.

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