ILED, partners to hold Iloilo Business Sector Coalition Activity

THE Iloilo Economic Development Foundation Inc. will host a development entrepreneurship training and workshop to Iloilo Business Sector Organizations this March 19-20, 2019 at Casa Real de Iloilo, Old Provincial Capitol, Iloilo City.

In collaboration with the Asia Foundation, the Australian Aid, FutureSmart Resources+Strategies Inc., the Provincial Government of Iloilo, and the Iloilo City Government, the training-workshop aims to build coalition and instruct the crafting of technically sound and politically feasible solutions to increase the likelihood of sustaining policy reforms among these organizations.

Mr. Jaime Faustino, the program director of Asia Foundation’s Economic Reform and Development Entrepreneurship, will join to impart his expertise in one of the key sessions of the training. Having to manage the Foundation’s Philippine economic development program since 2006, he has worked on projects that led to significant and transformative results on the lives of millions of Filipinos. From those reform experiences and successes, Faustino conceptualized development entrepreneurship, an operational model to assist development agencies and practitioners integrate the technical and political dimensions of reform. The model answers three questions: how is reform achieved, who will help achieve it and what role can development agencies play? The model is founded on three structures of practice: 1) Iterative Process, 2) Local Leaders known as ‘Development Entrepreneurs,’ and 3) Grant Project Structure.

Joining Faustino as resource person is Governance Expert, Mr. Rene Sanapo, a consultant at The Asia Foundation and the Foundation of the Economic Freedom. He is also affiliated with FutureSmart Resources + Strategies, Inc.

The Coalition Building  for Moving Iloilo’s  Economy forward is inviting industry players, policy makers and local leaders to take part in championing sustainable and scalable social and economic outcomes through policy reforms.

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