Fewer weddings in Aklan in 2016

FEWER persons in Aklan are tying the knot according to data gathered by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in the province.

In a news release, PSA-Aklan said total registered marriages in 2016 declined by 6.86 percent from 3,148 in 2015 to 2,932.

The biggest drop in the number of marriages was recorded in Buruanga town at 50 percent (from 147 in 2015 to 74 in 2016), followed by Batan at 46 percent (from 152 in 2015 to 82 in 2016), and Balete at 32 percent (from 131 in 2015 to 89 2016).

Lezo posted the highest increase in marriages at 74 percent, followed by New Washington and Numancia with 40 percent and 28 percent, respectively.

On the average, there are a total of 8 marriages happened in Aklan in 2016.

Among the 17 municipalities in the province, the highest number of recorded marriages was in Kalibo with 588, Malay with 329, and New Washington with 233.

May was the most favored month for marriages in 2016 with 379, or an average of 12 marriages a day. This is followed by the month of January with 350, and June with 338.

November was the least favored month with 132 or a daily average of 4 marriages.

Meanwhile, most of weddings in the province were performed through civil ceremony accounting for 1,460 or 50 percent of the total marriages, followed by Roman Catholic rites at 1,399 (48 percent), and other religious rites with 73 (2 percent).

Both grooms and brides preferred to get married at the age of 25-29. About 38 percent, or 1, 128 of the grooms, contracted marriage at this age bracket while brides accounted for 37 percent (1,076).

Conversely, teen brides comprised 100 (3 percent) of the total registered marriage.

The number of men who settled down at age 50 and over (81 or 3%) was more than twice that of women (34 or 1%) of the same age group.

According to PSO Antonet B. Catubuan, data on marriage were taken from certificate of marriage submitted to PSA by local civil registry offices every end of the month.

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