‘FATAL PASSION’: Girl shot dead by ‘jealous’ stepdad

JEALOUSY is believed to be the reason why a man shot dead his 16-year-old girl stepdaughter evening of Aug 30, 2018 at Buntalan village in Maasin Iloilo.

The suspect, Jerold Guillermo, 38, allegedly kept an amorous feeling with his live-in partner’s daughter, Allejah Faye Aglibot.

Aglibot succumbed to gunshot injuries on her head, chest, and arm. She was declared dead at the Ramon Tabiana Memorial District Hospital in Cabatuan town.

Based on police investigation, the incident stemmed from Guillermo’s insistence to confiscate Aglibot’s cellphone purportedly to check her circle of friends.

When Aglibot refused to give her cellphone, Guillermo took a caliber .45 pistol and shot the victim.

The suspect immediately fled on a tricycle, which left it at the back of the Maasin covered gym. He then used a Honda XRM motorcycle as another getaway vehicle.

At around 9 a.m. Friday, officials of Astorga village turned Guillermo over to members of the Dumarao Police Station in Capiz.

Inspector Jose Oswald Gatuslao, Maasin police chief, confirmed Friday afternoon that Maasin police officers were on their way to Capiz to confirm Guillermo’s arrest.

Aglibot had just arrived from school and was still wearing her uniform when she was shot.

The victim was a Grade 11 student of the Central Philippine University (CPU) in Jaro, Iloilo City.



Gatuslao said it is possible that Guillermo had romantic feelings for his stepdaughter.

Aglibot’s friends said that she had been telling them how protective her stepfather was.

Guillermo reportedly did not like his stepdaughter spending time with her friends. This is the reason why the suspect allegedly wanted to open Aglibot’s cellphone and check her circle of friends.

Constant disagreement ensued between the two. Reports said that there were instances when Guillermo allegedly checked the victim’s personal Facebook account.

The suspect also frowned when the victim called him “tatay.”

During school activities when students would usually go home late, Guillermo would fetch Aglibot.

On Thursday, the victim watched a movie with her friends before going home with her mother, who is a government employee.

A classmate claimed that Aglibot was gathering evidence to be presented to the police as proof against Guillermo. This could be the reason why the suspect wanted to confiscate her phone.

Aglibot also claimed that she suffered from hematoma when Guillermo physically hurts her.

It was also learned that the victim allegedly attempted suicide by swallowing a cocktail of pills.

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