City hopeful 8 barangays will be declared drug-free

THE Iloilo City government is hopeful that an initial eight barangays will be declared illegal drugs-free soon

“We believe that these eight barangays have fully complied with all the requirements for them to be officially declared unaffected or cleared of illegal drugs affectation,” said City Administrator Hernando Galvez.

Galvez, the head of the newly created Iloilo City Barangay Drug Clearing Program Assistance Team, together with the chiefs of police of La Paz, Jaro, and City Proper recommended the clearing of Barangays Sampaguita, Kauswagan, Osmena, Ed Ganzon, and San Jose, City Proper; Libertad-Sta Isabel and Luna in Jaro; and Banuyao, La Paz

The eight barangays represented by their barangay captains and secretary and other officials presented yesterday to the Regional Oversight Committee the evidences and documents backing the anti-illegal drugs policies, projects, and programs in their villages.

The presentation was presided by Chief Supt. Cesar Hawthorne Binag at RIO Hall, Camp Martin Delgado, Iloilo City.

“We therefore look forward that officially we will secure the longed-for declaration,” Galvez said.

He added that the eight barangays have conducted all the activities required by the Dangerous Drugs Board Resolution No. 3 (Strengthening the Implementation of Barangay Drug Clearing Program) which sets the guidelines for illegal drugs clearing in local government units such as barangays, city or municipality, and province.

The committee has asked for a 7-day period to conduct validation and verification.

“We just hope and pray that the verification will turn positive,” Galvez stressed.

The cleared barangays will be issued certificates as proof they are free of illegal drugs.

Galvez called on the public to help the city maintain the status by proactively participating in the anti-drugs initiatives in their areas.

Initially, 10 barangays were expected to present yesterday. But Galvez said Barangay Roxas Village, City Proper and San Jose, Jaro asked for more time to complete their documentation.

Earlier, Mayor Jose Espinosa III created Galvez’ team to assist barangays in the documentation.

“The order of the major is to help these barangays, we need the cooperation of the public to ensure that the status of their barangays as drug-cleared will be protected,” Galvez said.

The city initially targeted to have barangays drug-cleared July 2017 but the documentation delayed them.

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