AFTER BORACAY, MANILA BAY: More tourism sites will be rehabilitated

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo

ASIDE from the proposed rehabilitation for the Manila Bay, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is also eyeing different tourism sites in the country.

DENR Undersecretary for Field Operations Juan Miguel Cuna said that the department is now working on different tourism sites like El Nido, Panglao, Siargao and Puerto Gallera.

“This is the best time to build on what we have done in Boracay. Right now, we are working with different tourism sites like El Nido, Panglao, Siargao, Puerto Gallera,” Cuna said during the turnover ceremony between the outgoing and incoming Regional Executive Director (RED) of the DENR in Western Visayas on January 10, 2019.

The rehabilitation of the Manila Bay was proposed by the DENR after the successful rehabilitation of Boracay.

“The rehabilitation of Manila Bay will forsake a lot of time and effort pero if the national government is fully behind like what we saw here in Boracay, nothing is impossible,” he said.

According to Cuna, the president was very receptive on the proposed rehabilitation plan of the Manila Bay.

“The president was very receptive and happy to assist and support in whatever way he can towards the achievement of the rehabilitation of Manila Bay,” he said.

The launching of their proposed rehabilitation plan of the Manila Bay will be on January 15, Cuna said.

During the turnover ceremony, Jim Sampulna, the former Regional Executive Director in Western Visayas, was promoted as Assistant Secretary for Western Mindanao.

Regional Executive Director Francisco Milla Jr. replaced Sampulna.

“The image and moral ascendancy of our department has never been better than today. I appeal and ask for more than 100 percent cooperation and support as I begin my responsibility as the head of this department,” Milla told the employees in his speech.

With the new regional director, Cuna hopes to continue the outstanding performance of the region and its strong partnership with the stakeholders.

“Region 6 is at the forefront in terms of performance and achievement. We hope that this will continue alongside our commitment to strengthen our partnership with the stakeholders especially here in Iloilo,” he noted.

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