8,003 workers in WV regularized

THE Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)-6 regional office said 8,003 workers in Western Visayas have been regularized so far.

The number is equivalent to 53 percent of the 15,000 workers that must be regularized in 2018.

In Negros, 3,232 are now regular workers; 2,333 in Iloilo; 1,671 in Antique; 385 in Capiz; and 382 in Aklan.

DOLE-6 regional director Johnson Cañete said they are on track with their program on ending labor-only contracting as they have surpassed their target of 7,500 workers by June.

Cañete also reiterated their appeal to companies to voluntarily regularize their workers.

“They should submit to DOLE reports of their workers who were regularized so that they will be counted in 2018,” he said.

DOLE-6 also continues with consultations, orientations, and seminars on end-of-contract (endo) and other illegal work practices.

Endo is a short-term work scheme that denies workers security of tenure.

During the commemoration of Labor Day on May 1, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte signed an executive order, which put an end to endo. Section 2 of the order bans “illegal contracting” and “subcontracting.”

But the President recognized that the order has no teeth and that the Congress needs to enact a law to amend the Labor Code.

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