Young achiever falsifies prophecy


Having had multiple triumphs at an early age, Hyacinth Bangero has shown to the nation that she can achieve more. She is now a working professional and an active citizen of the country.

“I was prophesied to be a moron by those who witnessed my early years because the only phrase that I could utter as a toddler was ‘a-poo-ta-poo-tah’. That’s why early on my parents tried to develop my public speaking skills. I first joined a declamation contest at age six. I joined and succeeded in various public speaking competitions. All these exposure were instrumental in deciding for the course that I chose for college – Bachelor in Broadcasting at West Visayas State University. In terms of public speaking, I suppose the greatest achievement that I’ve ever had was earning the title ‘Best Speaker and Best Debater’ during the 2014 Debate sa Bombo College Edition as I represented my alma mater. Had it not because of that prophecy, I couldn’t have earned the distinction magna cum laude,” Bangero says.

However, as a young achiever, she also experienced failure from not winning a Supreme Student Government election.

“As a high school student, this was the greatest failure that I have ever had. I lost the presidency not just once but twice. I almost questioned my stance as a leader. However, as I widened my horizons I realized that winning that race wasn’t for me because I was meant for something bigger and bolder,” she says.

She was elected as the Visayas Region Girl Representative to the Central Board of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines for the triennium 2009 to 2012.

“I had huge responsibilities on my shoulder at 15 years old. I was seated in the national meetings alongside with senators and the greatest women leaders of the country,” she says.

She was also selected as one of the Ayala Young Leaders in 2013. On the same year, she was made to run for chairperson of her college student council.

“My leadership earned the Communication Student Council the title as the Most Outstanding College Student Organization of West Visayas State University as well as the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations in the Visayas Region. The Presidential Leadership Award, Rotary Award for the Most Outstanding Graduate as well as the Alumni Campus Hero Award were all bestowed on me,” she says.

“I am one of the few lucky individuals who are first honors since birth. However, I always felt that I am just a mediocre not until I discovered that I can write,” she adds.

She discovered that she could write well when she won her first regional award, 1st place, Anecdote Writing in English during the Fray Luis de Leon Creative Writing Workshop initiated by the Department of Education when she was in grade six studying at the Raul O. V. Causing Memorial School in Barotac Viejo.

“Harking back, I remember when I was a sit-in during my brother’s kindergarten class. When I cry, few of his classmates will also cry. Funny but it’s true, this was when I felt that I was capable of leading others. Today, I am seated as a National Training Committee Member of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines,” she says.

When she was in college, she took up Bachelor in Broadcasting as course at West Visayas State University.

“I knew that whatever I’d end up in the future, the skills that I will be gaining from the course preparation will gear me up to a career as a mass communications professional. I chose this course because I believe that it’s good preparatory course for law. I further considered that the program will tolerate my external engagements as a community builder, student leader and learner. Furthermore, I thought that I have the necessary skills and attitude needed for a broadcasting student – I am excellent at time management, completing tasks satisfactorily, and managing people of diverse personalities,” she says.

When asked what are the significant events in her adulthood that have greatly influenced her thinking, she says, “It’s the experience of retrenchment at GMA Network Inc. as early as 22 years old. I have loved my work as an Associate Producer of Arangkada, Ang Trip Mo ‘Kun Aga and Balita Pilipinas Ngayon via GMA News TV, CharGen Operation for both Ratsada and Arangkada, as well as production staff at Ratsada.”

“I poured my love for the shows that I write, I extended all my skills for the best use, and I sacrificed a lot of my time just to give to the mass audience what they need and want. However, the experience taught me that sometimes, it is not about you. I had a hard time moving on knowing that I did my best, yet, it’s not enough,” she adds.

It took her a while to find a new job not because she was tardy nor there was no company that would accept her. She waited for about six months, when a national program from the same company asked her to join them. She had “poetic dilemmas” before she finally opened herself for a “new relationship”.

“This time, with the University of San Agustin in Iloilo as a college instructor and communications and marketing officer,” she says.

When asked what does she think is her greatest achievement, she says, “As a student, the greatest achievement that I’ve ever had is to be listed among the finalists to the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines alongside with all the summa cum laudes and class valedictorians of the most prominent universities and colleges in the Philippines.”

“During the awarding ceremony in Malacañang Palace, I found myself teary-eyed as I tried to contain my feelings not to ruin my makeup. I couldn’t believe that a simple girl like me from the rural town of Barotac Viejo who is honed in a public school system, who studied at WVSU and took up just broadcasting will be entrusted by my alma mater, the West Visayas State University to bring its name in the national setting,” she adds.

“I consider myself to have achieved most of my dreams already. I have this job that I like and love as well as that enables me to make sense in the community that I want to make an impact – media. One day I realized that the best way to better the culture of the mass media industry is to actually teach ethics while the future media practitioners are still schooling – thus, the teaching profession,” she says, when asked when did she personally consider herself successful.

When asked what does she want to tell to the world, she says, “Know your WHY because if such is clear with you, you will definitely know HOW to be a WHO.”

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