The Silent Witness

“Enthusiastic” is how Ar. Arel Zambarrano describes the RED TABLE. Literally, RED TABLE is his 2006 oil on door panel artwork entitled “THE REVERBERATING SCREAM ON 9TH DAY OF DECEMBER”. It was exhibited during GANHAAN a group exhibit of Ilonggo artists held at UPV Art Gallery way back in January 2012. As time passed by, this painted door panel was transformed to become a drafting table, then an office and coffee table that witnessed stories of defeat and downfall, a RED TABLE that has heard silent agonies, unuttered problems and dry tears with loud sobbing. When Ar. Zambarrano was asked how RED TABLE was established as a venue of artistic and perceptive meetings, he jokingly answered, “Hala nila ko di ka kadtoan kag mag art talk abi.” Among those curious young persistent artists were Noel Elicana, a Vision Petron 2013 Grand Prize Winner; Jason Delgado, who was one of the finalists during last year’s Philippine Art Awards; also Joebert Gayoma, Paul John Cabanalan and Stephen Lagaras who recently passed the architecture licensure exam. Marvin Dalisay, Jun Orland Espinosa, Michael Delmo, Tyrone Dave Espinosa, Jirah Labanza and Roland Llarena are also part of these indefatigable and relentless artists who are now preeminent in their own art.

Humans of RED TABLE are innately creative but what made each of them unique is their inducement to turn their weakness into passion. When Mr. Jason Delgado was asked what motivates him as an artist, his profound answer was, “I am motivated by my incapabilities to express (my thoughts and emotions) in a more straightforward way.” And just like most of us, all their fiasco, penury, distress and suffering pushed them to become the greatest versions of themselves. “Kag sadya lang gid ya mag ubra art,” Mr. Delgado added. Ironically, each artwork produced in RED TABLE is made of their painful past and undefined future. What motivated these young artists are their hardship and extraordinary bond. Besides, using each others’ personal struggle to reflect from their own battle and create masterpiece is what made this RED TABLE even more fascinating.

The drastic change in Iloilo art community challenges the Ilonggo artists especially the young ones to be more visionary and genuine to their art. RED TABLE has witnessed it all: from Museo Iloilo and UP Visayas Art Gallery being the only two art venues to having almost 15 galleries with changing exhibitions. According to one of them RED TABLE is like a hatchery where they are being nourished, enhanced and developed to be ready for any obstacle that life will be throwing at them. These young artists have strived to survive.

RED TABLE has set an example in Iloilo art community to continue look for knowledge and let their passion burn inside them. As a proof, last July 14, 2017 RED TABLE launched an exhibition at gallery i entitled SIGAHUM. This group exhibition presented by RED TABLE is an evidence that hardships paired with patience, perseverance and passion will bear fruit of success. The group exhibition SIGAHUM will last at gallery i until August 2, 2017.

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