Ripple of Change

By: Ancel Marie B. Mondia

“ONE SIMPLE act of kindness can start the ripple of change that we want to see in the world. As one person we may not change the world, but we can change the world of one person.”

These are the inspiring words of Kyzel Dagdag who manages Bambulig, a social enterprise which transforms bamboo wastes into new products such as bamboo charcoal shoe dehumidifier.

Kyzel also helps run West Side Cafe located inside West Visayas State University and serves as a consultant for micro and small enterprises and non-governmental organizations with their branding and marketing.

He is a trainer of students and entrepreneurs regarding social entrepreneurship, product development, and marketing; an advocate for youth empowerment being part of iLead Trainings, a young group of people that gives leadership trainings to students, community leaders, and corporations; and a volunteer at the Boy Scouts of the Philippines handling two programs namely the Messengers of Peace Initiative and the World Scout Environment Education Program.

People skills, time management, and steep learning curve are the strengths he possesses.

Kyzel was featured as a “Student Hero” during the National Heroes Day Celebration by Mag TV na Amiga of ABS-CBN Western Visayas Region last November 2015. He was also featured by Philippine Star as one of its Young Stars in May 2017.

“For me what enabled me to be the person I am today is because of the mindset that I have created. I believe that we need to be the best in what we do and we do that in order to honor God. We need to appreciate the people around us, and also the talents and skills that God has blessed us with. I believe that the only person that we need to please and to give recognition is our Divine Creator.”

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