‘PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC UNCONTROLLED’ – James Mark Salarda mounts first Solo Exhibit

ILONGGO artist James Mark Salarda will hold his 1st Solo Exhibit dubbed “Programmable Logic Uncontrolled” at Museo Iloilo in Iloilo City from March 3 to 24, 2017.

His distinct heavy and bold strokes create a wonderful structure that embrace a fearless emotion. His artworks depict current issues in erratic emotion embed creating vivid sublime and industrial abstraction.

Salarda’s signature works signify as non-representational forum that eludes to the viewer the enigmatic senses of theoretic expression as uncontrolled emotion. The logic transpires where gratification is beyond its limit.

Starting his artistic prowess early at a young age, Salarda crafted sculptures made of clay and formed abstracts from junk materials.

He then took art and photography short courses to explore his creative and colourful world with no boundaries.

Salarda’s masterpiece named “Everybody could be a Hero” depicts how an ordinary person turns into a hero.

Lately, his work redefines the stages of using lighting as mixed media.

Salarda’s early works were prejudiced by the anguish of post-modern contemporary surrealist, cubism, and minimalism.

In search of a wider audience, he moved to Manila to elevate his art.

Salarda’s winning art piece at 2015 GSIS non-representational category entitled “It’s not that kind of I have in mind” took him a chance to create a massive large scale painting.

His previous art circles included Lapis Artist Group, Bagong Sibol Artist Group, Iloilo Visual Artist Association (IVAA), and Baysulangpu Society.

He is also a member of Rotary Club (Pasig Chapter) and Integrated Institute of Electrical Engineer (IIEE).

Salarda is currently the President and General Manager of Atomic Power Industrial System Corp.

An Electromechanical Engineer by profession, Salarda graduated Electrical Engineering at Western Institute of Technology in Iloilo City in 2004.

About 26 six painting and 4 sculptures will be showcased during exhibit.


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