Moving Forward

By: Ancel Marie B. Mondia

JOHN Ituralde Jr., 21, of Jamindan, Capiz, is an accomplished student who graduated summa cum laude with the degree Bachelor of Science in Biology at Filamer Christian University in 2017.

Ituralde started to develop a competitive spirit when he was a kid whose goal was to win the appreciation and attention of others.

With high self-esteem and strong determination to excel, he always recited during class discussions, took the lead in group performances, rendered intermissions, hosted school events, and joined different school competitions where he enhanced his skills in public speaking, leadership, journalism, time management, and dancing.

He did face obstacles, including high expectations from family and other people, negative criticisms and feedback, limited family income, strong competition with other students, peer pressure and influence, fear and doubts. But he managed to overcome them through his faith in God.

He graduated valedictorian in elementary and high school and was one of the Jose Rizal Model Students of the Philippines in 2016.

Ituralde finished his bachelor’s degree with flying colors and had his first job as a secretary for international programs in the same university. He realized that being a student is far different from being employed for adulthood is no joke and every peso earned means a minute or an hour.

As he explores the adult world, he has learned that “there may be ups and downs but there is one way to success and that is moving forward.”

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