Heart And Soul For The Body

By: Ancel Marie B. Mondia

LUIS MIGUEL Tirador, 21, of La Paz, Iloilo City, manages a local pharmacy chain in the province and runs an aquaponics farm in Janiuay, Iloilo.

But more than his success in business, he finds fulfillment in helping others.

As a member of iLead Trainings, he considers resilience, communication, and compassion as his strengths.

He believes that the emotional-gusto factor should determine one’s goals in life.

“I had factored in financial security, feeling of belongingness, and my strengths in the equation yet still felt as if something was missing. That’s when I realized that if our career were a human, those factors would’ve only made up the body—we still need the heart and soul. This is when I realized that one must consider their emotional-gusto when searching for their career; one must find that heart and soul for their body.”

He took up Bachelor in Sciences in Health Sciences at Ateneo de Manila University which he considers a progressive and inclusive course that delves into the heart of public health problems and seeks to find solutions for them.

As a young adult, he grew into a man of integrity and into a person who is confident with his self-worth.

Though he has grown from being a teen, he still cherishes the fact that he became part of the Philippine national football team, Teen Azkals.

As of now, he considers himself successful for his main goal in the present is to be able to know himself better and to understand what he really wants in life.

“I think that people should yes, strive and work hard for their dreams, but at the same time balance it out with patience and mini-goals, adding success checkpoints every three to five years.”

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