Armix Copier Rentals Services and Sales: A Story of Triumph

By: Ancel Marie B. Mondia

ARMAN Panizales Padernal, the owner of Armix Copier Rentals Services and Sales located at Phil-Am Compound Commission Civil Street, Jaro, Iloilo City is basking on his success since he ventured into the business in February 2006.

Years ago, he started his business APP Copy Center with one second-hand photocopier machine located under the stairway of Dominican College of Iloilo on Aldeguer Street.

He later transferred his business to Jaro, Iloilo City and changed its name to Armix Copier Rentals Services and Sales.

From a copy center, his business grew into a printing press with mix services such as Riso printing, bookbinding, calendar printing, T-Shirt printing, photocopier rentals, and more.

Later on, his company became a local manufacturer of file boxes, arch file folders, tax declaration folders, tax map covers, storage boxes, gown boxes, diploma holders and other customized boxes.

Armix also became the authorized service center of the two leading brands of photocopiers in the Philippines – LEXMARK Printers and Photocopier Machines and TOSHIBA Innovations.

The company now sells lanyard machines, laminating machines, ring binders, office supplies and printing equipment.

Since 2014, Armix has been an accredited printer of Bureau of Internal Revenue registered receipts.

With the unfailing encouragement of his wife and wholehearted trust in the mercy of God, Padernal created opportunities and acquired successes.

He believes in the power of four P’s: perseverance, patience, perspiration, and passion.

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