The start of the new year always gives reasons to set goals and try to adopt new habits. Although it’s a somewhat symbolic change, the truth is that it gives us the perfect excuse for it. Netflix knows this very well and mentions their big success in 2019 with To order with Mary Kondo!And the In 2021 he will try with him Minimalism: Less is more.

Minimalism: Less is more It was directed by Matt Davila. It was recently released on Netflix and is a novelty for January 2021. Already known ‘Minimal’, Joshua Fields of Melbourne and Ryan NicodemusThey tell us about what minimalism has done in their lives and how much it can do for us if we stop thinking about the things we have and the way we consume them.

Minimalism: less means more, messy documentary

D’Avella was made in 2015 Another documentary for “the bottom line”. In this movie, Josua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus also tell us about their experience, but there is also kind of Road trip With them, as they spread the word simplification all over the United States. Minimalism: Less is moreThe new Netflix documentary tries to repeat the formula, but fails.

Although it has greater production, five years have passed since that entry-level door-to-door experience Minimalism: Less is more, He stumbles upon his own items. It’s almost paradoxical that the documentary on minimalism feels a bit messy. But this is the way in which this content occurs which, in addition to the above, comes to destroy us with its various moments filled with kitsch.

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Minimalism isn’t for everyone, and neither are all of us

Minimalism: Less is more

Josua Fields and Ryan Nicodemus are two adorable characters. She is cute, charming, and has a great story to tell. In the 2015 documentary they do so easily and it is very interesting to see them every day giving their lectures and traveling around the country wearing two T-shirts in their suitcase. at Minimalism: Less is more The narration jumps from side to side. There are people who testify for a reason, although we don’t really know who they are saying; Whether they learn from the bare minimum or do it alone.

There are also other guests who tell us about consumerism and the terrible search for achievement that we insist on finding in things and in the buying process. Other times, we see reenactments of Josua and Ryan’s key moments that led them to life in Mininalism. Truths that made them appreciate their environment and things and achieve a certain peace and harmony around them. These parts don’t always come out nicely and feel tangled and unnecessary.

Yeah, Towards the end Minimalism: Less is more Things get better and focus on what interests us most, minimalism at work. Here’s where they give us some first steps to get started on getting rid of things. It also explains very clearly that it is not necessary to switch to extreme simplicity and buy everything in a simple style, because this philosophy is not a fashion, but an alternative way of seeing and living life in a world where everything is at hand with one click.

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The truth is, Netflix has managed to monitor a very important issue in its documentary Minimalism: Less is moreAlthough you get stuck in the way even though the director of this movie is not skilled at the method of narration, the message is very interesting. Either way, we all have the final verdict on this new documentary.

Minimalism: Less is more It is available to all Netflix subscribers.