New set of DOT-6 Film Grantees to promote WV tourism industry


PREPARATIONS are in full swing for CineKasimanwa 2019 Film Festival.

The CineKasimanwa Film Festival (CFF) began in 2012 through the partnership of the Department of Tourism (DOT)-6 and the Western Visayas Filmmakers Network (WVFN). The festival aims to feature films crafted by filmmakers from Western Visayas.

In 2014, the DOT-6 Western Visayas Film Grants Program was instituted through CFF. The Film grants were awarded to outstanding and talented filmmakers whose film ideas demonstrated potential.

This year’s CineKasimanwa Film Festival garnered 57 entries from which 10 grantees were chosen. The grantees will receive a short film grant worth PhP100,000.

To qualify for the grant, entries should be filmed with 9-10 tourist spots, facilities and events as local/background. They should also embody the values of Western Visayas.

The filmmaker grantees are directors Leo Art Borres for “Soul Searching,” Kenneth De la Cruz for “Tangis”, Julius De la Peñafor for “Sound Bites,” Kyle Fermindoza for  “Ang Babayi sa Bahura,” Dennis Hubag for “Hila(u)was,” Carlos Navarrete for “Ribuk,” Mark Joseph Perez for “Guna,” Aldrich Rosano for “Pagkadamuhal,” Kurt Soberano for “Jameson,” and Fatima Villarta and Gian Genoveza who directed the film “Pinili.”

Festival Director and Programmer Elvert Bañares said that the Grant Program provides an opportunity for talented and promising filmmakers in the Region to showcase their craft as a medium for showcasing what Western Visayas has to offer to its own people and visitors.

On January 21, 2019, the grantees met with DOT-6 Regional Director Helen Catalbas to discuss their roles and responsibilities pertaining to the grants awarded. The world premiere of the films is tentatively set on the 3rd week of November 2019 at SM City Iloilo Cinemas.

“The Department of Tourism VI understands the impact of films to the consciousness of our people all over the world. Through CineKasimanwa, we plan to maximize this platform to promote our region as a tourist destination and settings or locale of films while highlighting our culture, tradition and values,” Director Catalbas said. (MJE)

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