Millennials spearhead tourism campaign in ‘Eat, Bulaga!’ segment

PRISTINE beaches, local delicacies, rich cultural and historical heritage, new adventures and world-renowned Filipino hospitality – these are just few of the things viewers got to witness from the comforts of their homes while tuned in to longest running noontime variety program “Eat, Bulaga!”

For over a month now, 38 candidates from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao featured the beauty and charm of their respective hometowns in “Miss Millennial Philippines 2017,” a pageant that is first of its kind in local television.

Unlike other typical beauty competitions, this anniversary segment of “Eat, Bulaga!” veers away from the usual pageantry and instead focuses on the tourism aspect of the participating city or province.

All entrants have produced creative and eye-catching television and online content which highlighted their hometown. Three of those 38 who took on the challenge are Sarah Madrigal from Lapu-Lapu City in Cebu, Jasmine Bungay from Pampanga and Molly Teodoro from Davao City.

All three shared that as much as it’s an honor to represent their provinces in the pageant, competing in a new and non-traditional beauty contest format brought apprehension at first.

“It’s a big adjustment for us because ‘Miss Millennial’ is very different from what we are used to. The good thing though is that we are not pressured or expected to act all ladylike. We are encouraged to just be ourselves in front of the camera and be natural in our social media posts,” said Bungay.

Teodoro added that the segment is no walk in the park as it’s a prolonged contest unlike the typical beauty pageants. “We have to participate in weekly tasks and constantly feed content in our social media pages. But it’s also a nice platform if you want to promote your city because we have ample time to feature never before seen places and activities in our provinces.”

As for 17-year-old Madrigal, one of the youngest in the group, she says the real challenge for her was how to come up with an effective tourism campaign.

“Essentially, we are hitting two birds with one stone. We get to compete in a nationwide competition while showcasing the beauty of our provinces. And we need that to reflect in our two-minute videos, which is quite difficult. We really collaborated with our local tourism office,” she said.

“Eat, Bulaga” gave the contestants and their provinces free hand in choosing which places to feature, what activities to highlight and even in producing their own materials.

“Who else is in the best position to represent their cities and provinces but these ladies? We get to see them beyond their social media posts and Instagram photos. We see them as capable ambassadress of their provinces. We see the substance of the youth. When millennials put their mind into it, they can make big and great things,” said Jeny Ferre, creative head of “Eat, Bulaga!”

All three entrants also agreed that having a competition like “Miss Millennial Philippines 2017” on national television gives a new perspective when talking about the youth of today.

They want to show that millennials can be technologically savvy while being responsible for their actions, have care for the environment, and active members of the society.

“Millennials are known for their love of selfies and the use of social media. Because of ‘Miss Millennial Philippines,’ people will see us from a different angle – that more than the photos, tweets and blogs that we post, we are capable of promoting tourism through social media and to contribute in nation building,” Teodoro said.

Madrigal added that there are so many things the millennials can do. “Being a millennial is not just about the age. We are also sensible, aware of the environment and of what’s happening around us and we do participate. We have a voice and we choose to use it to influence and inspire others. ‘Miss Millennial’ is our small way of doing that.”

Meanwhile, Ferre said “Eat, Bulaga!” is proud to produce segments like “Miss Millennial Philippines 2017” which bridges the gap between the young and old, and which helps promote the tourism of the country.

She said one doesn’t need to travel to appreciate the beauty of the Philippines.

“Essentially, we started this segment to promote tourism, but now it’s more on the awakening of the people to our culture, appreciation of our food and people. We are just scratching the surface here. We know that not everyone can travel but the important thing is that we will not be strangers to our own country. And there are many reasons to love the Philippines.”

Ferre clarified though that at the end of the day, “Miss Millennial Philippines 2017” still has a beauty pageant element on it. She said the candidates will still compete in a tradition beauty pageant but the campaign materials they have produced over the eight-week period will have a bearing in the finale.

“We will choose the best person who exudes the personality, the confidence to represent not only her province, but the whole country,” she said.

“Miss Millennial Philippines 2017” grand winner will take home a Mitsubishi Montero Sport, a condominium unit from Bria Homes, and P500,000.

“Eat, Bulaga” will also name one Miss Bayanihan Queen, which will be determined by text and online votes. She will take home P100,000 and P1 million for her city or province.

Don’t miss all the happenings in “Miss Millennial Philippines 2017” by visiting “Eat, Bulaga’s” official Facebook page or catch the program from Mondays to Saturdays only on GMA Network.

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