I Juander concludes 7th Anniversary Special this Wednesday

This Wednesday (July 11), Susan Enriquez and Cesar Apolinario continues their exploration of China as part of I Juander’s 7th anniversary special.

Last week, the hosts went to the province of Shandong, the “Forbidden City”, and the Great Wall of China. This time around, Susan and Cesar go to Beijing to check out the wonderful tourist attractions, taste authentic Chinese cuisine, and get to know some of our fellow Filipinos who chose to work there.

Susan and Cesar won’t miss the chance to see the biggest royal park in China—the Summer Palace. Tourists flock this park for its beautiful gardens and palaces that have been preserved even after so many years. The hosts also visit the Beijing National Stadium which is also known as the “Bird’s Nest” because of its design. But the most special tour for Susan and Cesar is their trip to Beijing Zoo to witness the cuteness overload of the pandas.

Curious how a scorpion or a grasshopper taste like? In Wangufujing, one of the most popular night markets in Beijing, Susan and Cesar indulge in authentic Chinese cuisine and exotic food choices. Are they up for the challenge?

The I Juander hosts get to know some of the Filipinos who made Beijing their second home. One of them is Khendi, a bar singer and a single mom who gave up her dreams of becoming a flight attendant to work in Beijing. Jak, on the other hand, is a chef who not only managed to build his own catering business, but also found the love of his life in Beijing.

Don’t miss the second installment of I Juander’s 7th Anniversary Special this Wednesday, 8 p.m. on GMA News TV.

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