GMA original compositions take center stage in My Guitar Princess

Julie Anne San Jose considers her latest TV project My Guitar Princess special because the story is something very close to her heart.

Airing every day before Eat Bulaga, the musical rom-com series sees Julie Anne’s character Celina Tamayo hiding her identity behind an anonymous “Guitar Princess” online so that she could do the one thing she loves doing—to sing. Her mother, played by Sheryl Cruz, has been adamant against Celina’s passion for music since the former was also a singer before.

But what makes this new Kapuso series more enjoyable to watch is the fact that every week, an original composition is featured. In a world where reviving hit songs is an easier path to take, we see My Guitar Princess promoting the local music scene, thanks to the GMA Music Creation Team who write and compose songs for the program. Even though it only takes a couple of days for the writers and composers to create the music, the songs are more often than not, immediately approved by the production team—that’s how talented these people behind the GMA Music Creation Team are.

Take for example the catchy theme song “Walang Kapalit” sung by Julie Anne. It keeps the viewers and listeners alike connected to that familiar feeling of being faced with more questions than much-needed answers.

This was followed by another LSS-worthy ear-candy “Is it Love?” that left the audience questioning, and for some, affirming, the emotions they are currently feeling. First performed in the series by Gil Cuerva’s character Elton Smith, the song’s magic took another form when Julie Anne rendered her slower version of it—proof of the song’s promising staying power.

The next single, “Maghintay”, is more somber, emo even. It sees the writer/singer wondering if there would come a time that he or she will finally find the answers and if love comes around, would loneliness cease to exist? It’s that familiar feeling of being torn between looking for love or waiting for love to find you—the prefect formula for a hit love song.

These original songs add color to the montage that is Celina’s story. At the same time, the ensemble of actors that make up the series is commendable. The on-screen chemistry of Julie Anne with her leading men Gil Cuerva and Kiko Estrada has left viewers divided between #TeamEltom (for Gil) and #TeamJustin (for Kiko).

Meanwhile sisters-in-crime Taylor and Katy Garcia—played by Isabelle de Leon and Jazz Ocampo—are two characters whom viewers have come to love hating. Their funny ways of making Celina suffer are complemented by Maey Bautista’s portrayal of Yaya Dolly—Maey’s first-ever kontrabida portrayal. Every BFF can relate with Marika Sasaki’s character Britney, who is always supportive of her friend Celina. It is also refreshing to see Marc Abaya shedding his kontrabida persona as he takes the role of Elton’s manager.

Kier Legaspi and Frank Garcia are two actors who have been missed by TV viewers for quite some time. Also starring in the series are Rob Sy, Ralf King and Ms. Lui Manansala.

Follow Celina’s journey in My Guitar Princess, weekdays, before Eat Bulaga on GMA-7.

Kapuso viewers abroad can also catch My Guitar Princess on GMA Pinoy TV. For the program guide, visit

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