BoBrey in Wish Ko Lang this Saturday

My Special Tatay’s ‘BoBrey’ love team—Ken Chan and Rita Daniela—banners this Saturday’s episode of Wish Ko Lang.

Ken portrays Eugene, a barangay police officer (tanod) who is known for his dedication and honesty at work—traits that made his wife Sarah (Rita) love him even more. While simple, their life as husband and wife has a happy one. What is important is that they are able to serve the people and that they do not cause offense to anyone.

But this goal of helping others will bring tragedy to the couple. A housing project in their barangay will inconvenience a relative of Eugene. Eugene gets the blame when this relative dies. The son, Edwin (Phytos Ramirez), will do anything to avenge his father’s death. He is just taking his time to carry out his evil plan against Eugene and Sarah.

Catch Ken and Rita this Saturday (March 30) in Wish Ko Lang (#KenAndRitaOnWishKoLang), hosted by Vicky Morales, after Tadhana on GMA-7.

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