Andrea Torres in action-packed episode of Wish Ko Lang

Andrea Torres stars in an action-packed episode of Wish Ko Lang this Saturday (February 23) as she portrays a hired assassin who wants to turn over a new leaf.

When she gets booted out of a relative’s residence, Lanie (Andrea) has to live on the streets. This has taught her to be always on her feet.

Then one day a man sees her figuring out in a street fight. He asks her to join his group with the promise that she will no longer need to worry about making it through the day on the streets. Blindly accepting the offer, Lanie gets trained in martial arts and in firearms use. Once ready, Lanie was immersed in an operation. By this time, it dawned on Lanie that the group she got involved in are hired assassins.

Lanie does not want this kind of life. She tries to escape but everywhere she goes the group is able to follow her, to the point that her life is put in danger. Is it too late to go back?

James Teng and Joel Sarracho joins Andrea in this episode. Watch Wish Ko Lang hosted by Vicky Morales this Saturday, after Tadhana on GMA 7.

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