AHA! celebrates 8th anniversary with four animation originals

This Sunday (May 13), top-rating infotainment program AHA! celebrates its 8th anniversary.

In line with the show’s tagline ‘bida ang bata’, host Drew Arellano presents a whole episode featuring four original children’s stories of adventure, fantasy, and discovery rendered ‘cartoon-style.’ This animation special also showcases the beauty of the Philippines and the AHA-mazing values Filipinos always hold dear as they achieve their dreams.

In ‘Ang Hardin ni Lola’, a young girl named Liwa wants a flower garden of her own but there is not much space in their home. Meanwhile, a big patch of land lays abandoned in front of a big, ancestral house in town inhabited by an old woman who is feared by many and believed to be a ‘witch.’ Can Liwa conquer her fear and save the flowers before they finally wilt and die?

Meanwhile, in ‘Super Okra’, a slimy vegetable named Ompong Okra dreams of becoming a hero in the vegetable kingdom of Gulayan. But his sticky and gooey sap always gets in the way. One day, a vicious and voracious group of plant-eaters called the ‘Insekto Squad’ attack, and Ompong must come to terms with his true nature so he can save the kingdom and fulfill his destiny.

In ‘Nang Magtampo ang Ilog,’ on the other hand, a young boy named Andres witnesses the slow degradation of their once pristine river in Dakóng Suba. The people’s neglect and indiscriminate disposal of garbage angers the river deity, Loway. One day, Loway decides to leave but the river tags along with her. Can Andres appease Loway’s wrath and convince her to ‘come back?’

Finally in ‘Ang Kambing sa Parada,’ young and skinny Kevin wants to join the ‘Kneeling Carabao Festival Parade.’ But there’s just one problem: he is a goat! But Kevin insists on his right to become part of this long-revered tradition. Can his determination, quick wit, and never-say-die attitude convince the mighty leader, Bosing Kalabaw?

AHA’s special anniversary episode is in collaboration with brilliant animators from GMA Post Production, Top Peg Animation and Creative Studio, CIIT College of Arts and Technology, and AHA!’s Art Director Benedick Rellama. All four stories are written by AHA!’s Head Writer and award-winning children’s book author Augie Rivera.

Guest celebrities who lent their voices to some of the characters include comedienne Boobsie Wonderland as ‘Liwa’; award-winning young actor Miggs Cuaderno as ‘Ompong Okra’; heartthrob Juancho Trivino as ‘Bosing Kalabaw’; and child actor Yuan ‘Pao Pao’ Francisco as ‘Andres.’ Drew provides the overall narration.

Watch “AHA! Animation Originals” this Sunday, 8:15 AM, on GMA 7.

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