A Night of Hip-hop for Ilonggo Artists

E BARRA (right) “attacks” Dreii (left) during their first round of the rap battle. (Photo by April Mae Balasan)

By: Leslie Ann D. Lagrada

Ilonggo rap artists set the whole night with hip-hop vibes as they performed on one stage on May 31, 2018 at Pali, Mandurriao, Iloilo City.

The event was organized by Rythmic Music X C-side and Squad X ill Music to introduce rap music to Ilonggos and bring the spotlight to underground rappers in Iloilo who wish to showcase their talents, instead of hiding it.

John Jerick Castillo, one of the event organizers and dubbed as undefeated in fliptop local battler, said the event is one of the best ways to promote hip-hop in Iloilo. Also, he wants to see his fellow rap artists building up their names in this genre.

“We want to continue what other rap groups had started; we want to bring the rap music here in Iloilo. This is our creative way of expressing our thoughts and emotions, just like other artists use medium to vent out their feelings. We want to tell everyone that we aspiring rap artists exist, and so does the hip-hop genre,” Castillo explained.

The event featured performances by various Ilonggo rap artists such as Nikko Rlph, E Barra, Dreii, among others. These performances include self-composed rap songs, beat box battle, and rap battle.

Rap battle was the highlight of the event where each battler showed their fluency in contemporary Ilonggo language and advanced techniques in line delivery and witty rebuttals, only that most of their contents are limited to personal attacks. Each battler was given 90 seconds to deliver their lines for three (3) rounds.

Aklas, a national rap artist and the guest of the event, said he was very happy to see the movement of hip-hop here in Iloilo. He understands the struggle of his fellow rappers that is why they travel from Manila to different provinces just to show their support to hip-hop enthusiasts.

“Never give up on your dreams. You may even hear a lot of criticisms and discouragements along your way but I’ll tell you, never mind those people who underestimate you. Believe on yourself, aim for that dream. I was once a dreamer and now, I own the stage showcasing my craft. And every rap artists can make their dreams a reality,” he said in an interview.

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