The 13th Bantayan Film Festival was a Success

By: Reymundo Salao

GUIMBAL, Iloilo was recently in the spotlight with the 13th Bantayan Film Festival happening last week.

The festival was graced by prestigious guests including Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) chairperson Liza Dino-Seguerra and Executive Director Wilfredo Manalang, Quezon City Film Development Commission Executive Director Ed Lejano Jr., writer and producer Moira Lang, and CineKasimanwa founder and National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) National Executive Committee on Cinema member Elvert Bañares.

Filmmakers around Western Visayas were also present.

Seguerra had high praises for the festival, and in her facebook post, she expressed her strong, inspiring positive emotions toward the festival: “Overwhelmed. Humbled. Inspired.”

Who would’ve thought that in a small town in Iloilo, there exists a film loving community which gathers together every year to watch the creations of homegrown filmmakers?

Launched in 2005, the Bantayan Film Fest is the longest running film festival in Western Visayas region. Kasabay lang ng Cinemalaya.

It was truly a humbling experience watching the featured films last night with the townspeople of Guimbal.

They laughed, cried, and screamed together as they saw their peers onscreen, playing roles in different stories that speak about their culture, tradition, and everyday life.

There were so many poignant moments from the films I watched. There was a sense of innocence in the way they tell their stories – simple yet powerful.

Being there last night reinforced why I am here, and why FDCP is here for the film communities in the regions.

FDCP’s support comes from the strong focus of our agency to empower our regions to create and nurture a film culture unique to each individual locality. We believe that each region has a great potential to take their cultures, identities, and beliefs, and translate it into powerful films that are meaningful and will have an impact on not just the local audience, but audiences nationwide.

Guimbal proved that with consistency, we can develop our audiences.

I am very proud of what the Guimbal filmmakers have achieved through the years and rest assured that FDCP will be behind you in all your film efforts in whatever support we can give. We look forward to showcasing your films not only in the country but hopefully soon, to the whole world.

Congratulations Guimbal! Until next year!


Here are the Award Winners:

Best Film: Luwas

Best Director: Timay Villarta – Luwas

Best Story: Panaguay

Best Screenplay: Daw Uran

Best Editing: Si Baste kag mga Amigo Gamay

Best Production Design: Duag kag Hangaway

Best Sound: Iwi

Best Actor: Nino Franco – Paglaktud

Best Actress: the 3-lady ensemble of: Mickie Jean Catungal, Ma. Janniel Po Banares, Rk Bardon – Iwi

Best Supporting Actor: Benjamin Villa – Saydem

Best Supporting Actress: Glecy Gelvezon – Saydem

Best Child Actress: Amethyst Guevarra – Daw Uran

Best Child Actor: Cris Andrei Bañares – Si Baste kag mga Amigo Gamay

Citation for Folkloric Story: Proper Mortem

Citation for Casting: Saydem

Citation for Horror/Comedy: Aga sa Kagab-ihon

Citation for Love of Family: Pingas nga mga Handum

Citation for Gender Awareness: Citation for Fudang

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