TESDA-W.Visayas needs new trainers, assessors

THE Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)-6 is searching for new trainers and assessors so it could open new courses.

“We cannot open new TESDA courses without the availability of trainers,” Rani Rodriguez, chair of the Western Visayas Regional Skills Olympics Association (WVRSOA), said in a phone interview on Friday.

Courses that deal with construction, agriculture and fishery, health care services, automotive, and computer and technology sector, among others, demand more trainers and assessors, Rodriguez said.

He said most of the courses that need trainers and assessors are considered “most sought-after jobs.”

“These courses offer huge employment opportunities,” he said.

He clarified that TESDA is not limited to hotel and restaurant management and tourism courses. “Courses that include cookery, housekeeping, bartending, and others under the hotel and restaurant sectors are the most popular, but TESDA is more than that. There are more courses to explore,” he said.

He added that some schools have signified their interest to open new courses but TESDA cannot provide them with trainers.

Thus, Rodriguez said he continues to encourage those who “have the passion to teach” to become TESDA trainers and assessors.

Qualified trainers and assessors must be a graduate of a four-year course, acquired National Certificates I, II, III, and IV, and have undergone a training methodology of TESDA.

“Once you were assessed and you get your National Trainor’s Certificate, you can become (a) trainer,” he said.

Rodriguez noted that becoming TESDA trainers and assessors contribute to the success of the Filipino as TESDA is “already a mainstream in the educational ladder of the youth.”

“Mainstream education means that after finishing their courses, all graduates can surely work,” he said. (PNA)

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