PSA-Guimaras holds 2017 ASPBI and SICT 3rd level training

THE Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) – Guimaras is conducting the third level training of the 2017 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI) and Survey of Information and Communication Technology (SICT) on April 3-4, 2018, to equip staff/enumerators with knowledge on the official concepts and to prepare them for the enumeration period.

The ASPBI is a continuing activity of the PSA- Guimaras that aims to provide information on the levels, structures, performance and trends of economic activities of the formal sector in the entire province for the year 2017.

The survey results will be used in constructing national and regional income accounts of the Philippine economy; formulating and monitoring plans or policies in the attainment of national and regional economic goals; determining and comparing regional economic structures and performances; analyzing the performance and contribution of MSMEs to the total economy; conducting market research and feasibility studies among other; and updating the frame of establishments.

The survey covers nationwide sample of 30,944 establishments selected using a systematic sampling by industry and employment stratum at the national level, while at the provincial level, particularly Guimaras a total of 13 pre-identified sample establishments were chosen in which the primary consideration in the determination of sample size for the survey was its manageability at the optimum level of estimated budget without compromising the reliability and accuracy of the survey results.

The 2017 SICT aims to collect and generate information on the availability, distribution and access or utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) among establishments. The survey will generate core ICT indicators that are deemed important in measuring the progress in information and communication technology to include: SICT resources and their utilization by business and industries; e-commerce sales/revenue and purchases; cellular mobile phones business transactions; number of ICT workers, capital expenditures on OCT resources; and purchase, frequency, and methods of disposal of ICT equipment.

Meanwhile, the PSA-Guimaras is soliciting cooperation and support of all stakeholders, establishment owners and general managers for the successful conduct of the survey and for the attainment of its objectives; giving assurance to respondents of data privacy.

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