PIA taking strides towards SDG on gender equality

SAN JOSE, Antique – Director General Harold E. Clavite of Philippine Information Agency (PIA) encouraged members of Gender and Development Focal Point System to take steps in order to strengthen government’s endeavor to attain the Number 5 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) on Gender Equality.

“As PIA let us formulate a matrix to track our activities and accomplishments geared towards achieving the Goals on gender equality,” said Clavite during the recent Gender and Development Focal Point Assessment and Planning Workshop.

PIA Gender and Development recently conducted an assessment and planning workshop in Coron, Palawan where guidelines in the preparation of GAD plans and accomplishment report were discussed with the resource person from Philippine Commission Women (PCW).

James Ponce, Director IV of the Department of Agrarian Reform and certified resource person of PCW discussed valuable inputs on gender concepts, salient features on Magna Carta of Women and other laws relevant to the implementation of the GAD programs in agencies and local government units.

Ponce emphasized that the Magna Carta of Women should be the guide in the implementation of GAD programs particularly in the utilization of at least five percent of the MOOE of the agency for gender and development programs and activities.

In addition to the GAD planning and budgeting, Caleb Galaraga of PIA Communications Group also discussed topic on drafting stories of inclusion and diversity.

A Multi-Sectoral Forum on Magna Carta of Women and HIV-AIDS was also undertaken with the barangay and municipal officials of Coron, Palawan with Director Ponce of PCW and Marites Paneda of PIA as Resource Persons.

Meanwhile, DG Clavite underscored that PIA is bent on implementing the GAD program to significantly contribute to the attainment of gender equality in 2030. (PSM/PIA-Antique)


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