Outstanding Jubilarians honored in UPV homecoming

By: GC Castro

UP ALUMNI Association Iloilo Chapter honored five UP outstanding alumni during the 2018 U.P. Alumni & Faculty Homecoming Dinner & Awards Night held at Diversion 21 Hotel, Iloilo City on August 26. The awardees were given Oblation Trophies in recognition of their contributions and achievements to their respective fields.

The 2018 UPV Outstanding Jubilarians are Emerlinda R. de la Cruz (BS Agriculture 1969 UPLB, Certificate of Governmental Management 1981 UPV, Master of Management 1983 UPV) in the field of Agriculture & Forestry; Mia G. Gentugaya (High School 1968 UPI, AB Political Science 1972 UPI, Bachelor of Laws 1977 UPD) in the field of Law & Judiciary; Marie Melanie J. Javier (High School 1968 UPI, AB Speech and Drama 1972 UPD, MA in Speech Communication 1979 UPD, Doctor of Education 2014 UPD) in the field of Arts & Letters; Ana Emilia Ruby B. Palma (High School 1978 UPHSI, BS Business Economics 1982 UPD) in the field of Social Sciences & Human Ecology; and B. Sadaba (High School 1979 UPHSI, BS Natural Sciences 1983 UPV, MS in Environmental Studies 1990 UPLB) in the field of Education.

Gentugaya delivered a response in behalf of the awardees. She started with witty remarks including those of her recollections of her UP days. “Not even those who decide to leave UP remain unscathed or unchanged after having stepped into the UP universe,” she said.

Getting insights from the other awardees, she shared as well as their realizations of what the university has taught them and made them become. “This is what UP has gifted us: The UP chromosome implanted in us through education, both inside and outside the classroom. It is the openness of mind and spirit to venture into unknown frontiers, the grit and determination to see beyond obstacles and the seemingly effortless pursuit of excellence. That’s what we’re good at,” she adds. “Today, we say thank you UP for everything that you are and what you have made us be.”

The UPV Outstanding Jubilarian Awards is an event part of the annual U.P. Alumni & Faculty Homecoming organized by the UPV Office of Alumni Relations and the UP Alumni Association Iloilo Chapter to honor UP alumni who have and given great contribution in their own respective fields.

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